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Best Hikes Trails Adventurous Places and Hiking Smartphone in the UK

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It maybe a contentious topic when we talk about the best hikes trails in the United Kingdom, as there are not the highest mountains in the world in the UK. But this can't stop the hiking enthusiasm from outdoor hikers. Don't forget that there are some so amazing scenery in Britain - from the rugged wonders of Snowdonia to the famous beauty of the Scottish Highlands.

For hikers, there's nothing quite like acing up their hiking boots and heading into the great outdoors. Imagine that, what a cozy thing, by breathing the fresh air, and listen to the best Lofi songs(the relaxed music) from the outdoor smartphone.

The best hike trails are the hikers' first option when they are looking for the best places to hike. For adventurous hikers, we've collected some of the best long distance hiking trails in the United Kingdom - provides fresh air, an unrivalled sense of freedom, and various of challenges of adventurous. Making sure to hit favourites like Skye and the Lake District, etc. And the most matching outdoor device, for referring.


The best hikes and walks for British people. One of the most adventurous long distance hikes. The South West Coast Path twists and turns its way for 630 miles along spectacular coastline, from Minehead in Somerset to Poole Harbour in Dorset. When you are walking around the rugged tip of The Lizard, the mainland’s most southerly point, the most test of the hiker's smartphone is its anti-drop ability. Blackview BV6600 will be one of the best options, as it comes with drop proof, super long-lasting battery life, and the most affordable price.

Equipped with powerful Octa-core up to 2.0GHz MTK CPU, plus 4GB big enough RAM and 64GB ROM storage, provides smooth experience. Adopting a 8580 mAh ultra-big capacity battery, with three times of iPhone 12 Pro's battery life, provides longer-lasting battery life.

Another most matching model is Blackview BV8800 night vision phone, in addition to come with 8380 mAh massive battery and drop proof, in terms of shooting, equipped with Samsung 50.0 MP main AI camera and 20.0 MP IR night vision camera, provides good capture experience.


Nestled on the enchanting Isle of Skye in Scotland, the Quiraing stands as a testament to the raw, untamed beauty of the UK's natural landscapes. With its rugged terrain, dramatic cliffs, and breathtaking vistas, this iconic hike has captured the hearts of adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike. Embark on a journey through the mist-laden peaks and winding trails of the Quiraing, and discover why it holds a well-deserved reputation as one of the best hikes in the UK. Therefore, a smartphone with drop-resistant and good camera, is the best option of hikers. Blackview BL6000 Pro or Blackview BV9900E will be your best partner.

BL6000 Pro equipped with SONY IMX582 48.0 MP rear-facing camera, MediaTek MT6873 powerful 5G chip, 5280 mAh big battery, and 8GB RAM plus 256GB ROM, provides nice capture experience and smooth experience. And BV9900E also adopts SONY IMX582 48.0 MP rear-facing camera, to provide good capture experience. The 128GB ROM can store about thousands of high-quality outdoor photos.


One of the most romantic hiking trails. This sea-sprayed walk has some of the finest cliff scenery in Europe. Combine seawater, mud, cliff, and grass, and blue sky and white cloud, as if we are in a new world. You will see sweeping vistas of the Giant’s Causeway with its ancient basalt columns, said to be the remains of a causeway built by a mythical Irish giant.

Hiking in such a place filled with water, mud, and rocks, the most matching smartphone should come with water-resistant, drop-resistant, and dust-resistant. Blackview BV6300 Pro or OSCAL S60 Pro is the best budget rugged smartphone for you. The highlight of OSCAL S60 Pro should be mentioned is, it comes with 8.0 MP night-sight camera - you can see things in the dark.

Other Adventurous Walks/Hiking Trails

Excepted the three hikes mentioned above, there are other featured walks/hikes Trails in England, UK, like the Yorkshire Dales, Glasgow to the highlands(96 miles), Coast to coast(CUMBRIA TO NORTH YORKSHIRE 192-mile), SOUTH DOWNS WAY(HAMPSHIRE TO EAST SUSSEX 100-mile), and Scafell pike(lake district), etc. And the best matching hiking phones are available at Blackview official smartphone store.

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