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Best budget earbuds for Android you shouldn't miss in 2023

2022-12-02 161 0

Are you looking for the best earbuds with low budget for Android device (like smartphone and tablet), in the market, and buy it directly from the source? Then you are in the right place.

With ergonomic cool and trendy design, excellent waterproof rating, throw in a high capacity battery and advanced noise cancellation & Bluetooth technology, provides long-lasting battery life, good sound quality, and stable signal transmission.

Blackview earbuds come with very affordable price, are the best wireless earbuds under $50 you can find in the market. In addition to compatible with Android device, but also compatible with Apple phone. Thus, it will be one of the best options you shouldn't miss in 2023. Here has prepared some data about Blackview tech gadgets for you to check out.

Best budget earbuds for Android you shouldn't miss

Blackview FitBuds 1

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Blackview FitBuds 1

This sports neckband headphones deliver superior sound quality when playing music, and crystal clear voice quality when making calls. Equipped with Qualcomm QCC3034 Audio SoC (system-on-chip), FitBuds 1 support Qualcomm aptX audio technology, featuring high efficiency, high resolution and high fidelity, and a full-range frequency response from 20Hz in the bass to 20kHz in the treble. FitBuds 1 are designed to give finer details and less distortion, delivering you a rich listening experience.

Qualcomm cVc 8.0 noise cancellation technology enables you to transmit crystal clear voice quality when making calls. cVc is a suite of algorithms, working on the transmission and receiving path of voice calls, and helping to reduce acoustic echo. The result is a more natural two-way conversation.

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Blackview AirBuds 7

Tags of AirBuds 7: #Wireless charging earbuds, #Best earbuds for students

Blackview AirBuds 7

AirBuds 7 can satisfy you all with an ultra-big 470 mAh battery that provides up to 6 hours of music playback on a single full charge. Besides, the charging case can offer 4-5 times of recharge for the headsets. Wireless charging for the charging case is supported.

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  • Press the right earbud for 2s to turn on the Game Mode designed to minimize audio latency during gaming. Keep visuals and audio in lockstep to ensure thrilling gaming experiences.

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    Blackview AirBuds 1

    Tags of AirBuds 1: #Best wireless earbuds for small ear canals, #Most comfortable earbuds

    Blackview AirBuds 1

    Both the left and the right earbud can connect to the device independently. Pick up to use. No more signal dropouts. After the first pairing, they can connect automatically to the device next time.

    The latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip enables AirBuds 1 to connect automatically in seconds. Twice faster data transfer than the previous generation, low-latency for gaming, better power-saving ability.

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    How to choose the earbuds?

    There are three type of design for choosing, include neckband, in-ear, and half-in-ear design, FitBuds 1 adopts neckband design, AirBuds 7 adopts half-in-ear design, and AirBuds 1 and AirBuds 2 adopts in-ear design. They are the best budget Bluetooth earbuds for Android, with good noise-cancelling and battery life.

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