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Best smartwatch for under $50 Stylish fitness smart watch with long battery life

2022-09-13 2267 7

It is not easy to find the good but cheap smart wearables in the market, but, since the moment you visit this page, you are in the right place.

The cheap but good Android smartwatch Blackview has created, these smart wearables pack excellent protection ratings against sweat, rain, and water, and the battery life is excellent. With different styles like classic, cool, stylish, elegant and more, for choosing.

You'll find some popular features such as heart rate monitoring, sleep quality monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, stopwatch, timer, weather, music, even body temperature measuring, in Blackview products.

Whatever you are looking for the most durable fitness tracker, or the best smartwatch for seniors, the best smartwatch for swimming, or the best smartwatch for running, etc., you will find the suitable one in our store.

The best Shenzhen electronics company supplies the best Chinese smartwatch. With most affordable prices to meet the needs of those who have limited budgets, let more people enjoy smart life.

Meet Blackview smart wearables

Blackview R3 Max

Meet Blackview R3 Max. R3 Max packs excellent protection ratings against water - IP68, it works perfectly fine even 10 meters below water surface. Keep plugged into your world without ending aquatic fun.

Equipped with advanced algorithm and enhanced chipset, R3 Max provides up to 12-15 days for typical use. It packs impressive battery performance into a slimmer and lighter body.

Blackview R3 Max

Measuring body temperature? R3 Max can do it. Other related healthy features include heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, breathing training, sedentary alert, are available in R3 Max. Learn more.

Blackview R7 Pro

Meet Blackview R7 Pro. Adopts tough screen material - the Corning Gorilla Glass, plus the rugged metal frame and sealed design, make R7 Pro doing well to against drop and dust.

Blackview R7 Pro

With IP68 waterproof rating, R7 Pro can withstand water immersion 1.5 meters below water surface for up to 30 minutes. Thus, you can wear it to swim in the swimming pool.

Changeable individuality. How much fun would be lost if you can’t change your everyday look on the wrist? R7 Pro would never pass up every chance to make you look on your best with the help of its various and customized watch faces.

Besides, R7 Pro provides 7-10 days for typical use, support heart rate monitoring and sleep quality monitoring, and more features are waiting for you to discover. Learn more.

Get Started

The best smartwatch for under $50 is available at Blackview official store, welcome smartwatch wholesale and single-buy orders.


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