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2023 Best Budget Tablet for Watching Movies and Stream Media Videos

2022-09-20 1159 0

Looking for the best budget Android pad to watch videos such as stream media videos and films, and buy it directly from the source? Then you are in the right place.

Blackview pads adopt high resolution HD display screen and light and thin design, equipped with eye-protection mode and good sound quality speakers, combine long battery life to ensure the device lasts longer and provides excellent viewing experience.

Do not need to wait until the day of the Black Friday tablet deals, Blackview pad comes with most affordable price so that even those people who have limited budget, can afford it. Whenever you need, just get one immediately.

These products are not only can be used for watching films on Disney+, YouTube Prime Video and more, but also can be used for working, studying, online classes and more, thanks to equipped with powerful processors and RAM memory.

Meet Blackview featured products. Blackview Tab 11 is a cheap large screen tablet with 10.36" 2K display screen and Widevine L1 certification, support watching 1080p FHD videos, it is also a cheap gaming tablet. Blackview Tab 13 comes with TÜV Rheinland certification, and equipped with excellent dual BOX speakers, it's the best tablet for college students. Tab 10 Pro support Widevine L1, it is a fast charging tablet with matching stylus, thus it is also the best cheap drawing tablet for beginners (Note: The Tab 10 Pro on sale in our store is not with pen, please inquire us for the with pen version, inquire email: Joanna@blackview.hk). They are the best budget powerful Chinese tablets you can find in the market.

Blackview Tab 11

Never compromise on a small display and low definition videos! Tab 11 provides impressive FHD+ visual impact with 10.36" true 2K display screen. Tab 11 built, right in front of your eyes, an expansive stage where you can indulge yourself in music or episodes without barriers.

Blackview Tab 11

With Widevine L1, Tab 11 allows the streaming of 1080p or higher definition content for cinematic viewing experiences.

With eye protection design, screen brightness can be adjusted automatically to offer an eyes-friendly display. 360 nit brightness support brings even more vivid colors and subtle hues.

Housing dual speakers inside, Tab 11 is a budget-friendly alternative to expensive stereos, offering immersive and theater-like sound effect. Considering the needs of those who use wired earphone, Tab 11 is designed with earphone jack separately. Learn more.

Blackview Tab 13

Tab 13 ticks all the boxes for design aesthetics. Every detail, from the refined matte finish coated on a durable aluminum alloy back panel to the modish flattened frame, presents a never-out-dated minimalist, elegant style. Measured 7.7 mm slim and 450g light, its portability reaches max.

Blackview Tab 13

Comes with TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light certification, to help reduce blue light, cause less eye strain, and reduce irreversible harm to eyes in a dim-lit environment or in long-time viewing.

Enliven your ears with the impressive, well-tuned, and clear sound produced by the dual Smart PA-supported BOX speakers without distortion, you'll feel like you are in the middle of a scene or concert hall. Listen to moving audio that flows above and around you for an immersive experience.

The massive 7280mAh battery that pumps out juices way beyond a day provides a killer solution to low battery anxiety. Learn more.

Blackview Tab 10 Pro

Tab 10 Pro provides 4.3 hours battery life for watching videos, with 30W fast charge, it takes only 18 minutes to refill the battery by up to 30% and 83 minutes to charge fully.

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  • Features a large 10.1" FHD+ display with narrow bezels to bring a broad horizon with clearer and true-to-life details in every frame. Plus Widevine L1 supported, it allows the streaming of 1080p or higher definition content for cinematic viewing experiences.

    Blackview Tab 10 Pro

    The large-amplitude BOX speakers provide excellent sound effect, when watching films, playing games, or listening to music, you will hear an incredible sound to its excellence. Learn more.

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    Don't hesitate to get the best budget tablet for watching movies, at Blackview global online phone store right now! Also welcome tablet wholesale orders.

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