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A Pad with Exclusive Joys for Kids and Safety Guaranteed

2021-12-15 133 0

Blackview is unveiling its first children tablet —— Tab 6 Kids, comes with 8 inches display screen, exclusively designed for children under 12 years old, which mostly lies in parental control and technological breakthroughs. By the way, as Christmas is approaching, to choose Tab6 Kids is one of the best Christmas gift ideas for children in 2021.

Then, as the best budget children tablet, what's highlights of Blackview Tab 6 Kids? Following our steps to discover the amazing features of this tablet.

Tab 6 Kids Highlights

It is designed to be the best playmate that brings kids joy and fun. Hence, inside it, children will be offered abundant kid apps to explore whether for learning or fun. There are also useful screen modes and beautiful themes they would love at the first sight. The details are listed below.

Educational Games or Entertaining Videos All in iKids

Inside it, Blackview has developed an app called iKids where there are a myriad of preinstalled apps with which kids can read fairy tales, listen to popular songs, watch educational and inspiring videos, write down their ingenious thoughts, etc.

Large 8 inches Display & Practical Screen Modes

The Blackview's latest tablet Tab6 Kids’ 8-inch screen is especially made for children’s little curious eyes, not too large yet expansive enough to present suitable viewing comfort. And such a compact screen even supports split view that allows kids to run two apps side by side.

They can draw pictures while watching drawing lessons on Youtube or having online classes while taking notes with Memo. Additionally, to lessen the discomfort of eye strain due to long time use, its screen delivers eBook Mode that makes children feel like reading a paper book. It also offers Dark Mode that enables kids to relish bedtime stories themselves without the help from their parents.

Gorgeous Children-oriented Theme

To enhance children’s concentration on Tab 6 Kids, the tablet has a cartoon-style theme consisting of delicate wall paper and refined icons with attractive hues and patterns, making each sight of the interface delightful and inspiring.

Safe to Play

Why it is the safest tablet? Because it not only supports parental control but also ships with features that help children be safe, including dual 4G, 4-in-1navigation system, powerful dual Box speaker, anti-shock case and efficient Unisoc T310. Here are some details about them.

Reliable Parental Control

As a kids tablet, parental control is a must-have feature as there are potential pril to children when it comes to surfing online. Therefore, Tab6 Kids provides parental control via iKids.

With the help of iKids, parents can restrict their kids to chosen safe apps and websites and limit them to an appropriate amount of tablet time or set break time to avoid addiction. Parents can also view statistical reports on what children do with the slate.

In doing so, parents can forbid children access to bad information on the internet and ensure the safe use of the tablet.

Protective Anti-shock Case

Tab 6 Kids is paired with an anti-drop case that is made from high-density EVA, a pliable and soft material that is often seen in iPad protective cases. The EVA case protects Tab6 Kids from breakage caused by any unexpected drops in most cases.

It will remain safe and new as kids grow. Furthermore, the case, which comes in two colors, namely, Donut Blue and Pudding Pink, is equipped with a support stand on the rear to help the tablet stand up so that children would not suffer neck pain or hand fatigue during use.


Are these all its highlights? Of course not, there are more features waiting for you to discover. Take Tab 6 Kids as a Christmas gift for your kids will bring them surprised.


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