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Best iPhone 12 substitute Phone with similar look as iPhone 12

2022-08-09 520 2

It is well-known that the iPhone is one of the most popular fashion smartphones in the market, with trendy design and smooth experience, Apple won a mount of fans from all over the world. But it is also well-known that one of the weakness of iPhone is it comes with so weak signal reception ability. Besides, the iPhone costs not low that so many people can't afford it.

Looking for a low budget fashion Android smartphone that looks like the APPLE iPhone 12? Well, you are in the right place. We've carefully selected the best budget phablet under 150 USD which with similar look as iPhone 12, for you. It is not only comes with stylish outlook, but also provides smooth experience. Now, let's dive in, to discover this best low budget substitute together.

The model of this Android 11 phone is named Blackview A55 Pro, adopting light and thin, simple and trendy design, all details, from the water-rippling pattern, fingerprint-proof matte finish, and sleek curves to the fresh colors, work in harmony and bring out the best design style. This make it not just has similar look as iPhone 12, but provide it more elegant.

In terms of performance, adopts Octa-core up to 2.0GHz CPU processor plus 4GB RAM memory and 64GB ROM storage(support up to 1TB TF card), and self-developed OS based on Android 11, as well as a 4780 mAh big battery(about 1.5 times of iPhone 12 battery life) to ensure the device lasts longer and has enough processing power for most tasks.

To further expand memory without extra cost, Blackview A55 Pro provides RAM Extension Technology that can compress data and save them in RAM to enlarge memory capacity to 7GB. A55 Pro gives you an edge to open more apps simultaneously and switch between different apps with ultra-smoothness.

Besides, A55 Pro(specs) equipped with a standard 3.5 mm wired earphones jack, and support face unlock and fingerprint unlock. What's more, it costs only over a hundred dollars so that many people can afford it.

This phone is available at Blackview global online smartphone store, and don't hesitate to get one right now! Click here.

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