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The good news for monster battery phone lover

2022-10-10 128 0

Longer-lasting battery life and faster charge speed.

Blackview 7100

It is well-known that, the rugged phone (also named tri-proof phone, indestructible phone, etc.) packs excellent protection ratings against shock, extreme temperatures, dust and water, and the battery life is excellent. Thus, it is usually the pronoun of big battery phone.

This type of smartphone is very suitable for outdoor use, whether it's your hobby or your profession that is leading you to wild or dangerous places, the best rugged phone is what you need.

The 4G night vision phone BV8800(specs), which launched by Blackview not long ago, has left a deep impression on monster battery phone lovers who have experienced it. In addition to equipped with 8380 mAh huge battery (three times of iPhone 12 battery life) plus 33W fast charging to ensure the device lasts longer and fully charge the device in a shorter time, it also can be used to detect hidden cameras and take photos in the darkness. Its sales volume on AliExpress has exceeded 2,000 orders in less than a month.

Blackview BV8800
* BV8800

Therefore, BV8800 has also become the hikers' favorite GPS hiking phone, thanks to performance well in multi areas.

Blackview BV7100
* BV7100

And recently, Blackview launched a new big battery phone BV7100, which the battery capacity has been upgraded to 13000 mAh, at the same time match with 33W fast charge, support reverse charging, NFC(how to use NFC) and Glove Mode. It has the same battery capacity with BV9100(discontinued) - the battery king once, but go further than BV9100.

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  • Powered with Android 12, provides more friendly using experience. The MediaTek Helio G85 Octa-core powerful processors plus 6GB LPDDR4X fast RAM memory, provides smooth experience.

    Compare to the traditional charging speed of rugged phone, BV7100 owns faster charging speed and safe charge technology, it is not the fastest charging phone in the world, but it can be regarded as the fast charge king of the rugged phone. It provided what you want - longer-lasting battery life and shorter charging time. Thus, it can be regarded as the masterwork among the cheap rugged phones.

    * BV7100

    It is the best phone for cold weather, as it has undergone stringent tests to ensure it meets military standards and can thus withstand extreme temperatures, shocks and more. It can have survived where other devices could not. BV7100 adopts higher MIL-STD-810H military grade, and IP68 & IP69K waterproof rating, to make it tougher than the 810G military grade smartphone. Besides, like Samsung XCover Pro rugged smartphone, BV7100 comes with Glove Mode, it allows user to operator the device without take off their glove.

    Blackview BV7100
    * BV7100

    It's also the battery king of cheap waterproof phones, and the best portable power bank for camping, hiking, cycling, swimming and more. With 128GB ROM storage and up to 1TB expandable storage, it is one of the best 1TB expandable storage phones in 2022.

    BV7100 Reverse Charging
    * BV7100 Charging other devices

    BV7100 is available at Blackview global smartphone store, don't hesitate to get one, right now!

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