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How to make phone calls using a Bluetooth calling watch?

2023-02-16 543 0

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Make phone calls on a smartwatch

In some situations like working out and more, it is more convenient to use a Bluetooth calling smartwatch to make phone calls than using a smartphone. The Bluetooth calling watch (like Blackview R8 Pro) does not come with SIM slot, it can't make phone calls without connecting the smartphone or tablet, it relies on other device and transmit voice signal from other device via Bluetooth. So, if you want to make phone calls via the Bluetooth calling watch, below are the steps for your reference:

Preparation materials:
Bluetooth calling watch, smartphone/cellular tablet, the available phone number.

1. Open Bluetooth on your phone.
2. Matching your phone with the watch via Bluetooth (if they haven't matched before).
3. Swipe and find the phone call icon on your smartwatch and tap it.
4. Type the phone number you want to call on smartwatch's dial interface, and tap the phone call icon.
5. Get started to talk with others.

Tips: To keep stable signal of phone call, please keep your watch and smartphone within an available distance range - not over 8 m in general.

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