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How to connect your mini PC to TV wirelessly

2023-02-20 637 0

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Nowadays, HD enjoyment has become one of the most important parts of home entertainment, thus, the digital televisions are equipped with HDMI port generally. Suppose that you have a mini desktop and multi televisions in your house, and you want to share a signal from the mini computer to the TVs by wireless transmission (they are placed at bedroom, living room, kitchen and more). Then, here is the method of how to wirelessly share the video from mini PC to multi televisions at home, for your reference.

HD extender

Preparation materials:
Mini PC, HDMI TVs, wireless HD extender.

Tips: In this guide, we will take Blackview MP60 Mini PC and Pakite BIN-810 HD extender as example. The wireless HD extender include transmitter and receiver, transmitter(TX label) connect to mini PC, and receiver(RX label) connect to TV, thus, you need to one transmitter and the same amount of receivers with television.

1. Connect the transmitter to the mini PC via HDMI cable.
2. Connect the receiver to the TV one by one via HDMI cable.
3. Power on the mini PC, TV, and HD transmitter and receivers.
4. Then the transmitter will auto pairing with the receivers, wait them pairing success.
5. Get started to operate the mini PC, all televisions will share the same video from the mini PC.

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