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Blackview MP60 Mini PC hit the market now

2022-12-20 2465 1

Powerful and good cooling Mini PC.

Welcome to Blackview official blog. At the end of the year of 2022, Blackview launched a new product line - mini PC. The first model of Blackview mini PC is named MP60, and there are two versions of MP60 include 8+256GB and 16+512GB version. Recently, Blackview MP60 hit the market and sold at our Amazon store.

Blackview MP60 Mini PC

Blackview MP60 series adopts Windows 11 Pro as its OS, quipped with Intel N5095 up to ‎2.9 GHz Quad-core processors, plus 8GB/16GB DDR4 fast RAM memory, and 256GB/512GB SSD hard drive, to ensure the computer has enough processing power for most tasks.

Know what you want. Blackview MP60 dedicates the CPU to heat solutions with a newly designed large-windowed cooler fan and six wider heat pipes to ensure maximum performance. With a fan speed of 5600 rpm and heat dissipation area of 25500 mm², MP60 keeps itself at 35℃, solving a range of problems, such as computer crashes and sudden restarts caused by overloading or overheating.​

Blackview MP60

Giving you a quiet environment to work, study or create, thanks to the excellent effective noise reduction methods applied and the outstanding CPU's main components, Blackview MP60 ensures maximum performance while keeping the noise down to 38dB.​

More features are waiting for you to discover.

Where to buy Blackview MP60 Mini PC?

MP60 Mini PC isn't available in our global smartphone store yet. But you can buy it in our Amazon store. Below are the links:

Blackview MP60 8+256GB version, click here to buy.

Blackview MP60 16+512GB version, click here to buy.

About MP60 Query

Any question about Blackview MP60 mini PC, please contact this email:

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