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Blackview fastest-charge king BV9200 hit the market soon & BV9200 Antutu

2022-12-28 413 2

Blackview BV9200

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If you are planning to get such a new rugged phone, it is coming soon. With the coming of Blackview BV9200, it will bring you some unprecedented experience. Let's take some examples:

1. Experienced super fast-charge on BV9200

Blackview BV9200 will adopt 66W wired fast charge and 30W wireless charge. With the 66W fast charging, BV9200 can be rapidly refilled to 20% in just 5 mins. It only takes 53 minutes to fully charge the device.

2. Experienced smooth browsing experience on BV9200

BV9200 is the first Blackview rugged phone equipped with 120Hz high screen refresh rate, which delivers smooth visual pleasure in fast-moving games, significantly reduces motion blur on video footage and guarantees minimal jerkiness in scrolling long webs. In sum, it allows you to enjoy smoother browsing or gaming experience.

3. Experienced excellent stereo effect on BV9200

Blackview Audio Team integrates optimized Harman Kardon acoustic effects into BV9200 for different scenarios, awakening your auditory sense and elevating your mood.


How BV9200 performance on Antutu?

Like the night vision camera phone BV8800, BV9200 also equipped with MediaTek Helio G96 4G chip. Besides, BV9200 adopts 8GB RAM (support up to 6GB RAM expansion) and 256GB ROM (support up to 1TB expandable storage), and powered with Doke OS 3.1 based on Android 12, all these make BV9200 runs up to 351699 scores on Antutu.

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