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MTK Helio G99 Antutu score G99 vs G96

2022-12-14 8387 50

MTK Helio G99

As the most powerful 4G chip of MediaTek before G99 launched, the smartphone equipped with Helio G96 got excellent performance in the smartphone market, like Blackview BV8800 night vision camera phone (can be used to find hidden cameras). This make Helio G96 phones become one of the most worth to buy mid range phones in the market, till now. G96 processor gain excellent performance on Antutu, which running scores is from (about) 301,167 to 351,699.

In May 2022, MediaTek launched a new generation 6 nm process Octa-core 4G chip - Helio G99, which total performance increased about 10% compare to G96. It ran (about) 343,568 to 400,086 high scores on Antutu, which total performance is very close to Qualcomm snapdragon 780G. Thus, Helio G99 phone is worth to expect. And, it is expected that Blackview will adopt this processor on its rugged smartphone first in 2023.

G99 vs G96 Antutu score

G99 Antutu score: From about 343,568 to 400,086
G96 Antutu score: From about 301,167 to 351,699

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