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MTK Dimensity 9200 Antutu score and release time

2023-02-06 358 0

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Dimensity 9200 5G Chip

As one of the players of the global top 5 5G mobile phone chip (other 4 are Qualcomm, Apple, Samsung, and Unisoc), MediaTek announced a new flagship 5G chipset in November 2022. The newest high-end 5G chip - Dimensity 9200 - was announced in Shenzhen on November 8, 2022, by MediaTek company. OPPO, Xiaomi, Transsion, ASUS, and Honor and more participated in the press conference.

Dimensity 9200 processor adopts 4 nm process and integrated up to 17 billion transistors. It has a 3.05GHz Cortex-X3 ultra-big core, 3 2.85GHz A715 big core, and 4 1.8GHz A510 small core. Compare to the previous generation excellent 5G flagship chip Dimensity 9000 series, 9200 comes with more excellent performance and lower power consumption. The end result is something that can go toe-to-toe with Apple A16 and even evenly trade blows.

9200 Performances on Antutu

Over 1.26 million. The ROG phone 6D Ultimate, which adopts Dimensity 9000+ processor runs 1,123,036 points on Antutu, it is higher than OnePlus Ace Pro's 1,111,200 points (Snapdragon 8+ Gen1). However, 9200 performance more crazing on Antutu, it runs over 1.26 million points, and this just a basic value from the basic testing device. While the smartphone equipped with Dimensity 9200 officially hit the market, the actual score will run more than 1.28 million points.

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