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The camera algorithm upgrade (include panorama) on Blackview BV5200 Pro

2022-12-05 165 0

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As Blackview's first rugged smartphone (what's the meaning of it) with panorama camera, Blackview BV5200 got good performance in the market. Thus, Blackview plan to launch a new generation - BV5200 Pro - to continue the glory of BV5200. Inheriting the advantages of BV5200, Blackview BV5200 pro features some significant upgrades, with a larger ROM storage from 32 GB to 64 GB (still support 1TB expandable storage), more powerful processors from quad-core to Octa-core, and an upgraded ArcSoft® camera system. In this page, let's talk about the camera algorithm upgrade.

Improved Camera System with ArcSoft® by 15%, A Leading Provider of Algorithms for Camera

Blackview has never stopped exploring the pursuit of perfection in photography, to provide better capture experience. With the latest camera algorithms from ArcSoft®, a leading provider of algorithms and software solutions, Blackview BV5200 Pro helps users get the most out of their photography and shoot more like a pro. Below are the upgrades.

Upgraded ArcSoft® Panorama Mode by 15%: Faster Motion Detection and Wider Shooting Angle

Blalckview BV5200 Pro intelligently copes with the distortion of shots and restores the fidelity of images, so you can capture clearer and better images of buildings landscapes with the handset. With progress of 15% on BV5200, BV5200 Pro greatly reduces the deformation of the photograph and allows you to take more vivid, clearer, and more beautiful landscape photos at higher quality.

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  • Upgraded ArcSoft® Beauty Mode by 15%: More Natural and Authentic

    When taking a selfie, Blackview BV5200 Pro gives a good representation of your skin tone, removes blemishes from your face, and preserves your main features. With the updated ArcSoft® algorithm, the naturalness and authenticity of photos taken with BV5200 Pro is 15% higher than BV5200 in Beauty Mode.

    Upgraded ArcSoft® HDR Mode by 17%: More Detail between Light and Dark

    Blackview BV5200 Pro smartly improves the brightness in dark areas while restores more vivid detail in bright areas, bringing out the best in your picture when shooting in well-lit or dark locations. BV5200 Pro achieves more 17% details than the BV5200 to get the perfect balance between bright and dark areas in a photo, delivering the nicest shots you want.​​

    Upgraded ArcSoft® Portrait Mode by 16%: Smart Blur and Highly-centered

    Blackview BV5200 Pro will always keep you in the center of the photo and blur the background to get the best-looking picture of the person. 16% increase on the base BV5200, BV5200 Pro with the updated ArcSoft® Portrait technology intelligently blurs more background and preserves more scene details, making the central figure more prominent.​

    Upgraded ArcSoft® Night Mode: Clearer and Highly-detailed Night Scene

    BV5200 pro gives a near-realistic shot of night scenes, with luminous objects and bright buildings in the distance clearly visible in the photo. While BV5200 takes crisp and bright images at night, Blackview BV5200 pro takes even brighter and more stunning images with more detail in low light.​


    Blackview BV5200 Pro will bring better capture experience, are you interested in such a rugged phone?

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