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Meet BV7200: The toughest device for outdoor adventure

2022-10-27 132 0

Blackview 7200

While talking about the best Blackview rugged phone of 2022, Blackview BV7200 is absolutely one of the main roles among them. It is one of the toughest devices for outdoor adventure in the world.

Meet Blackview BV7200. BV7200 features the highest military MIL-STD-810H grade certified. Whether you are exploring in polar space or desert, going for a jungle adventure with BV7200 or dropping it from a height of 1.8 meters or running over it with big vehicles, it is still intact and powerful.

Whether for hiking, mountain climbing, or taking it to construction sites, this indestructible phone will survive extreme challenges, thus it is deserved to be the best phone for hiking and outdoor adventure.

BV7200 features the excellent waterproof rating - IP68 & IP69K. Perfectly matched with double-shot molding TPU soft rubber and designed with a side aluminum alloy frame. Solid structure from the exterior to the interior makes it a qualified warrior to resist extreme damage.

Whether you go for a hike in a steep and unknown mountain, go exploring in a muddy jungle far away from town or work on a construction site and drop your phone hundreds of times during work, this best Blackview phone has been ready for various of rough use.

In terms of battery life, throw in a 5180 mAh large battery plus 18W fast charging, to ensure the device lasts longer and recharge the battery faster. With reverse charging, you can recharge other compatible devices like smartwatch and earbuds charging case, by using the BV7200.

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  • Like Samsung XCover Pro rugged smartphone, BV7200 also comes with Glove Mode - allow operating the device without taking off your glove, thus, it is the best phone for cold weather. Besides, BV7200 supports NFC, GPS navigation, RAM expansion, fingerprint unlock and more.

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