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The best Intel CPU Mini PC for play and work

2023-02-22 281 1

Small body, powerful energy.

Blackview MP60

Your best companion for both play, study and work. Highlights: A small body with powerful energy. This small desktop packs a ton of horsepower into a small chassis, with room for more storage and support for a lot of RAM. Thanks to its up to ‎2.9 GHz Quad-core powerful CPU processor N5095, Blackview MP60 flies through essentially every task you could want.

The good cooling design allows you to use the computer for a whole day without worrying about caused by overheating issue. Blackview MP60 mini PC features an excellent cooling system in a small body. MP60 dedicates the CPU to heat solutions with a newly designed large-windowed cooler fan and six wider heat pipes to ensure maximum performance. With a fan speed of 5600 rpm and heat dissipation area of 25500 mm², MP60 mini PC keeps itself at 35℃, solving a range of problems, such as computer crashes and sudden restarts caused by overloading or overheating.​


Equipped with RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet port, plus WiFi and Bluetooth supported, offering double ways to connect to the internet, and wirelessly connect with other Bluetooth supported devices like wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, Bluetooth earbuds and more, it's very convenient for work and study. Besides, you are able to get some proper games on MP60 after work. It is the best substitute of HP Prodesk 600 G6, Chuwi herobox, and Lenovo.

Has request for data transmission speed between hard driver and external storage parts? Its USB 3.0 port can provide fast data transmission speed, and help you to increase your work efficiency.


MP60 comes with two HDMI ports, you can connect to up to two HDMI monitors at the same time for your need. It supports UHD 4K display, provides comfortable viewing experience.

More features about MP60 are waiting for you to discover. Learn more.

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