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The fastest charge record! Xiaomi Redmi announces 300W fast charge

2023-03-03 469 0

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The Fastest Charge Record - 300W

Do you remember which company first announced 200W fast charge technology around the world? That's right, it's Xiaomi. However, the first 200W fastest charging phone that hit the market is iQOO. Today, about 2 years later, that is, just a few days ago of this month, Xiaomi Redmi announced the world's newest fastest charge technology again - 300W 'ghost-fast-charge'. Refreshed the world's fastest charge record.

This time, Redmi showed its 300W 'ghost-fast-charge' technology by using the Redmi Note 12 Pro+ modified version which equipped with a 4100mAh battery. How fast is it? Only takes 5 mins, to fully charge the 4100mAh battery. How amazing! Faster than eating a breakfast. In the whole charge precess, the maximum charging power reached up to 290W, and with over 2 mins for 280W power output. According to official, this 300W fast charge project adopts customized 6:2 charge pump chip, the highest conversion efficiency can reach 98%. At the same time, resolve the issue of high current heating, compare to the traditional 4:2 charge pump project.

And the charger keep the same volume with Xiaomi 210W charger, but charging power increased 43%. As for who will be the premiere of 300W fast charge smartphone, let's wait and see.

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