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How to wirelessly connect mini PC to phone and headset

2023-02-25 180 0

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Mini PC
* Mini PC

First, it requires your desktop computer support Bluetooth connection. The traditional old desktop computer does not support Bluetooth technology, so, you can't use it to connect other Bluetooth support smart gadgets by wireless. Fortunately, most modern mini PCs (like Blackview MP60) support Bluetooth. Second, it requires your cell phone or headset comes support Bluetooth. If both conditions are met, just start by following the steps for your reference:

Preparation materials:
Mini pc, tablet/regular smartphone/rugged smartphone/Bluetooth earbuds

1. Power on all devices.
2. Open Bluetooth on your mini PC.
3. If you connect a cell phone, open Bluetooth on your cell phone, then find mini pc's Bluetooth name and paring with it on your phone, by following the tips. If you connect to the Bluetooth earbuds, find Bluetooth earbuds' Bluetooth name on your mini computer and paring with it.
4. Finished.

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Tips: Other Bluetooth support gadgets like wireless keyboards and mouse and more, also follow the steps like that will be okay.


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