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How to use OpenAI's ChatGPT on my phone?

2023-02-28 795 40

OpenAI's ChatGPT

With the development of AI technology, the super AI ChatGPT from OpenAI became popular in the whole network in the recent months, and every one can't want to experience it. So here comes the question, 'Can I install ChatGPT on my phone?' By far, the ChatGPT is mainly used in browser (include Chrome and Firefox), it is not available in any Android app, in other words, OpenAI doesn't launch any official APP for mobile devices yet. But, you can still try to use ChatGPT on your phone, even though there is no APP to download. You can try to use the browser on your phone to visit and use ChatGPT.

Digression, to Blackview fans, do you expect the ChatGPT APP appears in Blackview rugged smartphone, if the ChatGPT APP born one day?



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