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How to Use RAM Fast to Boost App Launch Speed (Doke OS)

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Blackview specially designed a practical OS function for its devices called the RAM Fast. For most users, the RAM Fast is might not as attractive and versatile as other OS features. However, the RAM Fast has its stand-outs. This guide is to help you learn more about the RAM Fast and smoother your daily use.

What is RAM Fast?

The more RAM, the faster you can access apps. If you need to launch the apps more quickly, you’d better choose a device with a higher RAM, such as 6GB, 8GB, or 16GB of RAM, to avoid close-down or lag. RAM Fast makes app launching and memory utilization more efficient by automatically analyzing your behavior patterns, figuring out the frequently-used apps, and keeping them in RAM always.

Tested by Blackview Laboratory, the loading time for the mostly-used apps reduces by 30%. The longer you use Blackview devices, the easier the app analysis and the better the app experience.

How to Open the RAM Fast?

In this part, we’ll learn how to open the RAM Fast with the Blackview BV8800 90Hz night vision phone as an example. Operation on other Blackview devices is almost the same. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Tap on the Settings and enter into the setting interface.
Step 2: Choose the System Option.
Step 3: Enable the Ram Fast start-up acceleration option.

Use RAM Fast to Boost App Launch Speed

Please note that only Blackview devices with over 4GB of RAM, including rugged phones(what's the rugged phone meaning?), mainstream smartphones, and tablets, support the RAM Fast feature. And the speed increase in often-used apps doesn’t mean the sacrifice on loading time for other apps.

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