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Blackview Flagship Tablet 11, Excellent Than Ever Before

Tab 11

Since the launch of Blackview Tab 10 in June this year, we have been working on improving our tablet series. Hence, the Blackview Tab 11, which is made after its laborious and long time preparation, now has its premiere.

As our flagship tablet, what makes it excellent than the past tablets ever before?

10.36" Bigger Screen + Straight Edges Design

Tab 11 boasts a 10.36 inch large screen, delivering an immersive viewing experience for the comfort of movie watching or game playing and making users feel as if they are watching a television screen. Featuring 2K resolution as well as 360 nit screen brightness, Tab 11 is ready to present animated graphics with vibrant hues and clear detail.

Inspired by the aesthetics of minimalist, Blackview designer created Tab 11 with straight contour lines, making it share a bit of similarity with Apple’s newly introduced tablets. Its aluminum chassis and matte finish highlight the classy taste of its owners, helping one get attention and compliment in work.

In addition, thanks to Blackview's persistent effort in pursuing super slimness of its tablet without sacrificing large battery, users are now able to tuck the 8.1 mm svelte Tab 11 inside their school bag or handbag easily.

Widevine L1 Certified

Still compromise on low definition videos? Blackview Tab 11 assures you of higher definition viewing clarity with Google Widevine DRM L1 certification(How to check Widevine L1 certification?). With Tab 11 in hand, users are allowed to stream 1080p films, reality shows or TV dramas on Netflix, YouTube, Disney+ or more.

Sony 8MP +13 MP Camera

On the camera side, the front camera is packed with Sony IMX219, being able to capture more details with a breeze. Meanwhile, the rear camera rivals many high-end tablet cameras on the market as it sports a Sony IMX258 sensor with 13 Megapixels, elevating the agility to capture unforgettable moments and presenting photos that best simulate what people see with naked eyes.

Octa-core T618 + 128 GB ROM + Limitless Expandable Storage

After rolling out T616, Unisoc continues to enhance the performance of its chipset by introducing T618, which is one of the most eminent chipset that Unisoc has ever produced. Regarding AnTuTu Benchmark (a benchmarking tool for Android smartphones and tablets that helps check the performance of devices), T618 gets a score of 21,000, outperforming Snapdragon 675 which only gets a 170980 score.

Arriving with 8 GB LPDDR4 RAM, 128GB eMMC 5.1 ROM as well as limitless expandable storage, Tab 11 provides more room for “storage sensitive” game apps and fluid shooting of videos and photos. Everyone who would like to be an innovative content creator can start a creative journey with Tab 11.

Other Features Worth Exploring

Tab 11 cares about the comfort of your ear. Hence, dual speakers are housed in two sides of the tablet, individually tuned by skillful technicians to create more symmetrical audio and immersive sound for each of their listeners. They are ideal substitutes for unaffordable and cumbersome stereos on the market. Compared with its counterparts, Tab 11 is said to be offering a more dulcet and punchy melody that would make you reluctant to turn the speakers off.

Besides, as the 10 inch tablet with SIM, Tab 11 is designed with a 2-in-1 SIM card slot. Users can either put dual SIM cards or one SIM card and one TF card in the slot, which means you can combine your work phone number with a private one in one tablet. There is no need to buy two smartphones to separate work from private life with the help of Tab 11.

Blackview has reduced the size of Tab 11's battery, yet still large enough for any heavy users glued to their phone all day long. Tab 11 sports 6580mAh. This translates to 30 hours of music playback, 5.5hours video time and up to 10 hours of web surfing at 360 nits of screen brightness.

Are these all its features? Of course not. More features are waiting for you to discover.

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