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The 4 rare stylish tablets for ladies you missed

2023-02-22 75 0

Welcome to Blackview blog ( BLACKVIEW - The famous rugged phones brand in the world ).

Are you looking for a rare stylish light and thin tablet for ladies in the market, and buy it directly from the source? Then you are in the right place.

Tab 13

In addition to come with slim and trendy design, these Android pads also provide good performance and long-lasting battery life, what's more, they will perfect matching your personality to make you difference among the crowded. At the same time, they are offered with a very reasonable price, so that many people can afford it. It is the best alternative of iPad, Samsung Tab A8, Xiaomi mi pad 5 and more.

No matter you are an office worker, teacher, student, nurse, or housewife and more, these rare light-and-thin China tablets are qualified to be your best companions. So, who are they? Let's take a look.

The 4 rare stylish tablets for ladies you missed

1. Blackview Tab 12

As the picture show, we recommend choosing the gray color, as this color is able to match a mount of scenes. For female, it will neither look old-fashioned nor showy, and it focuses fashion and elegant into one. Tab 12 adopts a 10.1 inches display design, and a 7.4 mm ultra-thin thickness, thus it won't take up much space of your handbag. At the same time, it only has 430g weight, which is lighter than iPad Air's 458g.

Blackview Tab 12

Tab 12 equipped with a 13.0MP rear-facing camera and 5.0MP front-facing camera, support Wi-Fi and cellular network(two SIM slots), provides good online video experience for online meeting, Skype online chatting, video calls and more. It also supports wirelessly connect to the detachable keyboard and wireless mouse for the needs of office work.

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2. Blackview Tab 13

This is a fashion tablet with TÜV Rheinland low-blue-light eye-preserve certification, which is very suitable for business-women and female office worker. An elegant unibody chassis, extreme and smooth lines, flat frames, and symmetrical bezels make the Tab 13 look and feel amazing to use. It only has a 7.7 mm thickness and 450g weight, but integrated an up to 7280 mAh massive battery to make it lasts longer.

Blackview Tab 13

Tab 13 adopts better camera combination - 13.0MP rear camera plus 8.0MP front camera, supports connect to wireless keyboard and mouse, supports up to 1TB expandable TF card, comes with PC Mode, provides excellent experience for work and entertainment.

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3. OSCAL Pad 10

If you are looking for the best budget tablet with Widevine L1 to enjoy 1080p Full HD videos on Hulu, Destiny+, and Amazon Prime Video, the OSCAL Pad 10 is what you expected. This wifi cellular tablet adopting 1200*1920px high resolution and 16:10 perfect aspect ratio display screen, combine support Widevine L1, provides more delicate picture quality when watching movies. Its Smart-K Dual Box speakers provide an immersive experience.

OSCAL Pad 10

Throw in a 6580 mAh big battery, plus Power Saving technology, it can offer 4 hrs for watching video and 15 hrs for listen to Lofi music. Of course, it is suitable for office work too.

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4. Blackview Tab 6

Used to working with small tablets? The 8-inch tablet Blackview Tab 6 just meets the need of gentle female. You can regard it as a big screen smartphone thanks to support insert SIM card and Wi-Fi connect, and you can even put it into the big pocket of your clothes.

Blackview Tab 6

There is a point that we have to mention is, Tab 6 is small, but it was thrown in an up to 5580 mAh massive battery without sacrificing too much in the way of thickness. Provides you longer-lasting battery life.

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