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Is Gorilla glass screen unbreakable?

2022-06-13 968 20

As one of the toughest glass material, Gorilla glass is usually used as the device screen material like rugged tablet, mobile phones, special monitoring display terminal, etc. It is tougher than the normal glass, it is not easy to break. But, is it really unbreakable?

In some situations, the Gorilla glass is unbreakable, example, a rugged Android phone with Gorilla glass screen drops into the floor, its screen usually not break, but the normal glass will. However, in some situations, the device's screen will break. The Gorilla glass screen will probably break since of shocks from the sharp and hard objects, therefore, it is not advisable to do such a test, and it is not the correct way to prove the rugged phones' sturdiness.


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