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Which is the best budget 5G handset to play Asphalt Nitro and Genshin?

2022-06-10 118 0

The 5G smartphones that can play Genshin have never lacking in the market, but it is not easy to find the best one which with the best budget. But, since the moment you visit this page, you found the best and cheap gaming phone for Genshin Impact, to play such a crazy game. Who is it? Let's have a look.

The best idea is to watch the YouTube video above, it shows you how does the rugged 5G gaming smartphone we will introduce next, exactly performance on Genshin. Then, you can read the Genshin Impact review of this phone.

This 5G smartphone artifact is named Blackview BL5000, one of the latest Blackview phone products in 2021. Adopts the 3D copper pipe liquid cooling technology that gives as much as 8.5°C* CPU temperature reduction. Let gamer stay cool under the pressure. Even though adopts the MediaTek entry-level 5G chip, but plus Blackview self-developed OS, as well as 8GB LPDDR4X RAM to ensure the handset provide smooth gaming experience.

Besides, this rugged phone comes with cool and trendy design, 4980 mAh big battery and 30W fast charge. More features about this artifact, please click here.

And to play the passionate racing game - Asphalt Nitro, is just a piece of cake.


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