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Simple, Yet Different.

Doke OS Go 3.0

Android 12

Rockchip RK3326S
8-inch HD+ IPS
64GB ROM + Up to
1TB TF Expansion
3GB RAM + up to
2GB Expansion
Dual Box Speakers
with Smart PA

Small in Size, Versatile in Use

Think a phone is too small, a laptop too heavy? Introduce Blackview Tab 5, a mighty hybrid, designed for those with requirements in between and for whoever thinks out of the box.

Best for:


Workplace newbies

The elderly

Dream Device for Students

Enjoy tech life in the most economical way

Light up the screen and the 8-inch display of HD+ resolution gives you an ideal vision for productivity tasks, reading and entertainment.

A big-sized Kindle,
but more than that

Tab 5 has a reader-friendly Grayscale mode that is easy on eyes. You don’t feel like you’re reading a screen, but a paper.

2MP rear camera

The versatile back camera enables you to record the classes, scan documents, capture memorable moments at school.

Stuck on a question?
Look it up right away

Whenever you’re stuck while doing homework or writing papers, take your Tab 5 right from your bag or your big-sized pocket and an encyclopedia unfolds for you on a big screen!

Root for workplace newbies

Give an edge to your work, a spur to your life

Make your clients happier

The super portable, big-screen Tab 5 is always ready and available to impress your clients in a pinch whether for retrieving documents and critical information or bringing up a sample room display and virtual panoramic tour. Sealing the deal is just easy.

Your pocket theater

What’s better than watching a movie or Tiktok to unwind after work? Tab 5 comes into play for immediate off-work chill.

Quad-core Rockchip RK3326S

Power for Better Efficiency and Smoothness

From responsive app-launching through smooth video streaming to seamless light-duty multitasking, the Rockchip RK3326S nails them all without a sweat. Get your basic daily entertainment needs perfectly satisfied.

3GB RAM + up to 2GB Expansion

64GB ROM + Up to 1TB TF Expansion

With large storage capacity, Tab 5 allows you to download storage-occupying movies and more music, work files and a wide range of productivity apps for efficient work styles. Tab 5 provides the new Memory Expansion Technology that extends the 3GB RAM to up to 5GB, giving you an edge to open more apps simultaneously and switch between different apps with ultra-smoothness.

5580mAh big battery

Extend your joy with extended battery life. Tab 5 never runs out of battery as you watch movies, surf the internet, and play games on your way home.

Friendly to use for the elderly

Easy to read, even for the presbyopia

Compared to a phone, Tab 5’s 8-inch big screen makes it better to read messages and news. For the elderly with the presbyopia problem, the word size can be enlarged even wider from the Setting.

Easy to pick up and hold

Slim and weighing just 355g, Tab 5 can be effortlessly held in one hand while sitting on the chair, couch, or laying in bed.

Blackview Tab 5
Twilight Blue
Truffle Gray
Twilight Blue,Space Gray
8.0 inch 800*1280 HD+ IPS 83% Screen-to-body Ratio
Rockchip RK3326S
3GB + 64GB, LPDDR3 + eMMC 5.1
RAM Expansion
Max TF Card Capacity
Up to 1TB1TB
Card Slot
One TF Card Slot
0.3MP Front + 2MP Rear
5580mAh ; 5 W Charge
1217 2PCS BOX Speakers with Smart PA
Doke OS Go 3.0 based on Android 12
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