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Think Bigger in 11.5-inch 120Hz Display

Smarter Work, Smarter Learning, Better Enjoyment in Every Way

Smart, Sleek, Ready for Every Day's Beat

Redefining Everyday with Vibrant Design and Smart Features – Your Companion for Work, Leisure, and Everything in Between.

Feather-light as Breeze,
Mega-Screen to Please

Slim at only 7.6mm and light at 528g, MEGA 1 is perfect for on-the-go . Enjoy the comfort in your hands and a joyous experience with its 11.5-inch ultra-large 2.4K screen and seamlessly aerospace-grade aluminum body.

Why Choose Blackview MEGA 1?


11.5-inch 120Hz Ultra-Large
Smart Display


Record-breaking 50MP Samsung®
Rear Camera


Next-level Fluidity with 6nm
Helio G99 Chip


Ultra-smooth & User-friendly
DokeOS_P 4.0(Android 13)

11.5-inch 120Hz

Ultra-Large Smart Display

Bigger View, Smarter Work,
Better Enjoyment

Welcome to a Grandeur of Visual Delight!

11.5 inch Ultra-large 2.4K Display with 120Hz

Dive into a world where 11.5-inch ultra-large 2.4K display, featuring 120Hz, broadens your horizons. From gaming to binge-watching, to elevating work efficiency, every moment is rendered crystal clear, detailed, and vast.

High Resolution
Smart Refresh rate
16.7 Million
Screen-to-body Ratio
IPS Full View
400 Nit

MEGA 1: 11.5-inch

Peers: 10.1-inch

Ready, Set, Immerse.
Your Sensory Banquet Awaits

Blink? You Won't Want to. Feel the Flawless Flow Now!

120Hz Smart Refresh Rate

Embrace the fluid transition of MEGA 1 from 60Hz to 120Hz, which harmonizes efficiency with dynamic visuals, making every fine detail pop with vibrancy and captivating your visual senses.

1080P Widevine L1 Support

Lose Yourself in Cinematic Bliss

Reimagining your streaming experience with
1080P Widevine L1 support , MEGA 1 delivers mesmerizing visuals on Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and YouTube. With its quad-speaker setup, you're in for an enthralling audiovisual treat.

Quad Speakers with Smart-PA Support

Stirring Souls with Every Note

Feel every beat with MEGA 1's quad speakers surround sound. It delivers an audio experience that’s as emotionally impactful as it is cinematically grand, staying true to every note and feeling.

Elevate 11.5-inch Smart Mega Display
to New Heights

Quick, Smart, Easy. Making Work and Study a Breeze

Double the View, Double the Do

All-new Split Screen

Do it all on MEGA 1. Whether you're reading while jotting down notes, or responding to emails as you tweak documents, multitasking is a breeze. MEGA 1 is crafted toboost efficiency in work, play, and learning.

Window Your Way to Workflow Wow!

All-new Multi-Window

Revolutionizing the way tasks are typically done on PCs, the all-new PC mode features a multi-window where each window operates independently, which allows for prioritizing primary tasks, ensuring smoother multitasking.

Key to 11.5-inch
PC-like Efficiency

Wireless Keyboard

Boost efficiency with Blackview custom keyboard, featuring a large touchpad and intuitive keys. It easily transforms into an 11.5-inch PC with touchscreen, ideal for efficient chatting and writing.

5 Languages Supported


*Blackview Keyboard is not included.

Elevate Every Task, Always First-Class

WPS Office

Double your office productivity with WPS Office, pre-installed for your convenience. It's your one-stop solution for managing files, spreadsheets, and presentations, all enhanced with an intuitive touch interface.


Write. Draw. Inspire

Free Stylus Pen

Every Blackview MEGA 1 comes thoughtfully equipped with a stylus that offers rapid sensitivity, allowing you to freely take notes, write, and express your creativity on the screen.




Learn and Play,
the Eye-Safe Way

3 Eye Protection Modes

Featuring three eye protection modes, MEGA 1 helps alleviate eye fatigue, especially important for prolonged screen users and adolescents, enabling them to relish tablet time, whether for fun or learning.

Reading Mode

Night Mode

Dark Mode

Smart Learning Meets
11.5-inch Ultra-large Screen Efficiency

Enjoy e-books in Reading Mode

A mega Kindle, offering more than mere e-reading

Interactive Lecture Engagement

Browse and take notes while listening to lectures

Lively Online Education

Share and jot notes in online classes

Library Study Time

Ultra-light design for comfortable on-the-go

Smart Work. Taking Productivity
to New Heights

Portable Office on the Go

Work on the go with a 11.5-inch PC-like screen

Effortless Presentation Setup

Ideal for showing off graphs and slides

Efficient Reading and Editing Process

Large display for hassle-free document editing

Hassle-Free Video Creation

Multimedia editing is easier on a bigger screen

Smart Entertainment. Where Joy
Knows No Bounds

Mobile Movie Theater

Family movie nights in 1080P HD

Crisp 1080P HD Media Streaming

Relax with streaming media anywhere you like

Deep-Dive Gaming

Game on a large 120Hz screen for full immersion

Superior Sports Watching

Maximize excitement with a bigger display

Stay Powered for All-Day Pleasure

Long-lasting 8800mAh Battery

Stay powered longer with long-lasting 8800mAh battery, perfect for up to 20 hours of daily use in study or play, worry-free. Thanks to its 33W fast charging, you can quickly recharge and enjoy more carefree and joyful experiences.

33W Fast Charging

Up to 18 Days of Standby

Daily Usage
20 hrs
24 hrs
22 hrs
6 hrs
HD Video
5.5 hrs
5 hrs

Stay Powered for All-Day Pleasure

Long-lasting 8800mAh Battery

Stay powered longer with long-lasting 8800mAh battery, perfect for up to 20 hours of daily use in study or play, worry-free. Thanks to its 33W fast charging, you can quickly recharge and enjoy more carefree and joyful experiences.

Record-breaking 50MP
Samsung® Rear Camera

All-new ArcSoft® 9.0 Algorithm
Capture Treasure Moments in Ultra HD,
Anytime, Anywhere

Crystal Clear Imaging System

Your imaginative ideas can be clearly and accurately immortalized.

13 MP

Selfie Camera

50 MP

Rear Camera

All-new ArcSoft® 9.0

Every Memorable Moment in
50 MP Mega Detail

50 MP Ultra-clear Rear Main Camera

Featuring a 50 MP Samsung® ISOCELL JN1 rear camera , MEGA 1, a standout in its industry, makes recording 2K high-quality videos , making the capture of meeting documents and daily life snapshots a breeze.


Image Sensor


Pixel Size

High-Clarity Imaging

Ultra-true-to-life Colors


Samsung® ISOCELL JN1 Rear Camera

Color Your Memories

Advanced ISOCELL 2.0

Delivers images with enhanced light sensitivity and vivid, true-to-life colors.

Capture Details Even
in the Dark

Superior Low
Light Performance

Captures clear images day and night,
excelling in low-light for night photography.

Discover Stunning HDR

Balances shadows and highlights for more realistic photos with advanced HDR, enhancing dynamic range.

Stay with the Action

Auto Focus

Ensures fast and clear focus on moving subjects even in low-light scenarios.

Smart Google Lens

Upgrade your scanning with MEGA 1, featuring a Smart Google Lens and a 50MP main camera for ultra-clear insights into your interests, designed for rapid response and day-to-day convenience.

Every Pixel Tells a Story

2K High-resolution Video Recording

Record and share your life in crystal-clear 2K high-resolution video, ensuring that every cherished moment, from family get-togethers and travel experiences to your kids' growth, is preserved in vivid detail.

A Look, A Moment, Always Perfect

13MP Front Camera with Face Detection

With its 13MP high-res front camera, complete with face detection, MEGA 1 positions its lens at the center of the top long edge, ensuring a more upright and natural appearance in frames, effectively avoiding any off-center gaze.

Your face is the Key

Face Unlock

The front camera of MEGA 1 unlocks
only to your facial recognition.

All-new ArcSoft® 9.0 Algorithm

Upgrades the camera modes' photographic result by


Photographing with clarity, color, and detail.

Super Night

Bring out night's splendor with sharp, realistic images, even in dimness.


Grab the complete landscape effortlessly in an instant.


You glow in every picture taken.


You pop against blurred, artistic backdrops.

More to Enjoy


Creates striking,
color-free artistic images.


Full mastery of camera adjustments for personalized creativity.

Online Class Interaction

Ideal Remote Learning & Quick Notes

Participate in Meetings and Lectures

Snapshot Key Notes in a Flash

2K Quality Meeting Recording

Easy to Recap & Summarize at Any Moment

Ultra-HD Document Imaging

Time-Saving Scanning and Capture

Video Calls

Shorten Miles with Family & Friends

Travel Snapshotting

High-Def Memorable Moment Recording

Next-level Fluidity with
6nm Helio G99 Chip

Lead the Smooth Way in Work and Play

Stream, Game, Conquer

6nm MediaTek Helio G99

Harness the power of 6nm Helio G99 processor in MEGA 1, adept at handling everything from work to play with superior energy efficiency. This ensures you stay ahead in activities like video streaming, gaming, and web browsing.


Overall Performance




Boost Frequency

2*A76+6*A55 Cores


AnTuTu Benchmark
MEGA 1 (442,513)
Peers (260,445)

HyperEngine 2.0 Lite Gaming Technologies

Resource Management Engine 2.0

Enjoy extended and seamless gaming with the Intelligent Resource Management Engine.

Efficiently controls power and thermal output in CPU, GPU, and memory for better gaming.

Smoother performance in heavy-load gaming or demanding scenarios.

Ensures high FPS and battery longevity without sacrificing user experience.

Call & Data Concurrency

Allows in-game call handling without causing any data disruption.

Feel the Flow, No Slow

12GB RAM + 12GB Expansion =
Up to 24GB RAM

With state-of-the-art 1:1 RAM expansion technology , MEGA 1 achieves peak fluidity, supported by up to 24GB RAM, for a delay-free experience in multitasking and using resource-heavy apps or games.

1:1 RAM

Faster App Start-up

Room for Every Treasure

256GB ROM + Up to 1TB TF
Extra Storage

Sail through an ocean of books, soar across a sky of music, glide through a galaxy of movies, and race along the edges of games. Hold your passions in MEGA 1's 256GB ROM and 1TB TF storage , crafting life to your liking.

256GB ROM + Up to 1TB TF storage

≈ 33K + Short Videos

≈ 277K + Photos

≈ 500K + Songs

Ramp Up the Pace, Speed on Speed

More Squeeze, More Space

Atomized Memory 2.0

Atomized Memory 2.0 intelligently boosts RAM, adding 5-9% more capacity for tasks and apps.

More RAM

Your Apps, Rapid Ready

Smart Pre-Loading

Enhancing app startup speeds by 23%, Smart Pre-Loading adapts to your preferences for quicker access.


Cool as a Breeze, Smooth as You Please

Integrated Cooling System

integrated cooling system, MEGA 1 stays cool even during prolonged online classes or video conferences, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable user experience.



≤ 40°C Constant Temperature

& User-friendly OS

All-new DokeOS_P 4.0 Based
on Android 13

Big Upgrades in Convenience, Fluidity,
Personality, and Privacy

Runs on the latest Doke OS_P 4.0 based on Android 13, designed for an 11.5-inch display to enhance information display and reading efficiency. Features an all-new 8-core MediaTek Helio G99 for faster performance and smoother experience.

Feel the Bliss of Carefully
Tailored Convenience

Click, Split, Save

All-new Custom Split-screen Combo

Easily add favorite split-screen setups to your desktop with a single click. Quickly access them when required, significantly cutting down on operation time.


Good notes

Google Docs




PC Mode 2.0

Open More, Do More

Beyond split-screen, you can also enjoy the freedom of multi-window multitasking and use the 'pin-to-top' feature to keep your main tasks at the forefront.

Workspace App

Balance Your Beat

Make every day smoother and more convenient with workspace apps: Speedy account changes, prompt notifications, and simple personal sharing that goes beyond the office.

EasyShare App

Go Network-Free Share Freely

Transfer files and data without a mobile network using EasyShare App. It's easy and fast to share photos, videos, and other media, helping you save on data costs.

Transfer at 7.7MB/s
60x Faster than Wireless BT

Bigger Files,
Better Efficiency
Instant convenience

Offline for Cyber
Privacy Information

*EasyShare is only effective when you turn on Wifi in the Settings but does not rely on the network.

Live Caption

Stream, Meet, Learn. Never Miss a Beat

Whether streaming, participating in video meetings, or taking online classes, you won't miss a word. Live Caption syncs you with every sound, allowing effortless access to foreign content for your enjoyment.

*Real-time subtitles are available for English only.

Upgraded Notebook

Ink Your Emotions, List Your Notions

In times when social media isn't the ideal outlet for your feelings, a notebook can be your canvas for everything – from fanciful ideas and sketches to to-do lists.

Screen Attention

Dive Deep, Stay Lit

Soar through the ocean of knowledge undisturbed. With Screen Attention, as long as you're looking, the screen stays lit, offering an uninterrupted, immersive reading experience.

Upgraded Timer Customization

Tailor Every Second, Perfect Every Moment

MEGA 1 provides upgraded timer customization for common tasks, including cooking and exercise, to improve your user experience, making it more seamless and productive.

A pomodoro to help you stay focus

A reminder to flip over cookies

Game Mode

Pure Gaming, Pure Thrill

Engage the game mode for a distraction-free, smooth gaming journey. Configure it to eliminate unwanted notifications, ensuring you're wholly absorbed in each spine-tingling moment.

Rev Up Your Speed, Go Faster!

Focus Computing 2.0

Modify the present processing power in response to your CPU demands.

Performance Mode

For flawless operation

Battery Saver Mode

Preserve battery life when needed

Blazing Speed Redefined


With F2FS technology, MEGA 1 elevates its random read speeds by 25%, while its random write speeds rocket to over triple their previous rate.

Random Read Performance

Random Write
Tailored to You, Unleash the Unique

Versatile Desktop

Themes, Icons, and More. Makes It a Breeze.

Doke OS_P 4.0 makes it a breeze to handle all your magic tricks, and it's a real time-saver. Switching themes, grouping apps, dissolving folders, or customizing icons is effortless.

Larger Folders

Quick Tap into Tidiness

Make app management more efficient on MEGA 1 with bigger folders. You can access apps faster and more neatly by clicking them directly in these large folders, offering a more streamlined experience.

Your Privacy, Our Priority

Privacy Control

Up-a-notch Privacy Protection

MEGA 1 boosts user privacy protections. Its permission manager allows for tighter control of app data access, and the privacy dashboard clearly displays recent app permission usage, considerably diminishing the risk of personal data leakage.

Stay Private.Stay Perfect

Cleared Clipboard History

Allow the system to auto-delete your clipboard history after a specified duration to safeguard your data from unauthorized access.

Hassle-Free Privacy.
Effortless Control

Permission Management

It's up to you to determine which apps can use your personal data – you're in control.

Discover Even More Reasons to Adore

5G WIFI+Wireless BT 5.1
Effortless Control

Seamless Streams, Lightning Speeds

Boasting built-in wireless BT 5.1 and 5G Wi-Fi, MEGA 1 facilitates swifter network connections, faster load times, and seamless file sharing, ensuring a highly smooth internet experience.

Dual SIM Card Support

Always in Reach

With its dual SIM card slot, MEGA 1 lets you use two 4G SIM cards or a TF card up to 1TB, so you can always keep in touch with your loved ones, even without Wi-Fi.


Every Road, Your Realm

Outfitted with a high-precision quad-navigation system, MEGA 1 delivers superior route planning for your journeys, whether you're driving, walking, or cycling.

Free Reinforced
Tempered Film

Tough Against Scratches

To shield MEGA 1 from unintended damage, every buyer is provided with a free reinforced tempered film, ensuring the screen stays safe from accidental scratches from keys, knives, or other sharp items in daily use.

Free Tablet Protector

Oops! It Dropped? No Big Deal

Get a free tablet protector from Blackview, engineered to cushion your tablet during drops and prolong the durability of your MEGA 1 under its secure cover.


For watching


For surfing the

Space Grey

Sky Blue

Dreamy Purple

Blackview MEGA 1
Space Grey, Sky Blue, Dreamy Purple
11.5-inch 2.4K FHD+ IPS 85% Screen-to-body Ratio
MediaTek Helio G99
12GB+256GB/8GB+256GB, DDR4X + USF2.1,
RAM Expansion
Up to 12GB/Up to 8GB
SIM Slot
Dual; 2* SIMs / 1* SIM + 1* TF Card
Max TF Card Capacity
Doke OS_P 4.0 Based on Android 13
Rear Camera
50 MP Samsung® ISOCELL JN1
Front Camera
13 MP
Battery Capacity
8800mAh(33W Fast Charging)
4* 1217 BOX Speakers
802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
2G Bands: B2/B3/B5/B8
3G Bands: B1/B8
4G Bands: FDD:B1/B3/B7/B8//B19/B20/B28A/B28B
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  • Dreamy Purple

  • Sky Blue

  • Space Grey

Model MEGA 1
Color Space Grey, Sky Blue, Dreamy Purple
Dimension 268.7*169*7.6mm
Weight 528g
Display 11.5-inch 2.4K FHD+ IPS 85% Screen-to-body Ratio
CPU MediaTek Helio G99
RAM & ROM 12GB+256GB/8GB+256GB, DDR4X + USF2.1,
RAM Expansion Up to 12GB/Up to 8GB
Max TF Card Capacity 1TB
OS Doke OS_P 4.0 Based on Android 13
Rear Camera 50 MP Samsung® ISOCELL JN1
Front Camera 13 MP
Battery Capacity 8800mAh(33W Fast Charging)
Speaker 4* 1217 BOX Speakers
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Navigation GPS+Glonass+Beidou+Galileo
Connectivity 2G Bands: B2/B3/B5/B8
3G Bands: B1/B8
4G Bands:FDD:B1/B3/B7/B8//B19/B20/B28A/B28B
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