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Tab 16

It’s 11-inch Tablet, and 11-inch PC.

Bigger than Bigger

PC Mode

Keyboard & Mouse & Touchscreen Support

Stylus Pen

Take notes Journaling Drawing

TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certified


Up To 18 hrs Daily Use Up to 360 hrs of Standby

Octa-core Unisoc T616

2*A75@ 2.0GHz
6*A55@ 1.8GHz

Widevine L1 Support 1080P Full HD

8GB RAM + up to 6GB Expansion

RAM Fast

17% Faster Start-up

11-inch FHD+ Display

2000*1200 IPS Full View

Doke OS_P 3.0 (Android 12)

  • Design

  • Smoothness

  • Convenience

WPS Set Office Essentials

Smart-K Quad-box Speakers

Surround Stereo Sound

256GB ROM + Up to 1TB TF Expansion

Dual Card Slots for SIM/TF Cards

Face Detection Face Unlock

AI Camera

Color Accuracy Upgrade
High-quality Images Upgrade

Google Smart Lens

Scan/Recognition/ Translation/Search

Meet the Redesigned Tab 16

The all-new Tab 16 is colorfully re-imagined to be more capable, more intuitive, and even more fun. With a new 11-inch Full View HD+ display and three gorgeous colors, Tab 16 delivers a powerful way to get things done and stay connected.

7.95mm Slim,
533g Lightweight

Lightweight, Exquisite, and Comfortable

With the 7.95mm ultra-slim body and weighing 533g , Tab 16 makes it effortless to carry around. The ultra-large screen and seamlessly thin body give you an unbelievably gorgeous view. Every detail has been expertly designed for the most enjoyable experience.

  • 7.95mm


  • 533g


Why to Choose Blackview Tab 16?

  • Display

  • Photography

  • Efficiency

  • Convenience

11-inch Ultra-large Display Enhancement For Clearer Vision, Higher Efficiency and Better Enjoyment

Taking Immersion to the Next Level

11-inch Screen 2K IPS Full view

Widevine L1 Support

1080P Full HD

TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certified

2000 x 1200 Resolution


PC-like Experience


Office Essentials


Easier for Multitasking


Screen-to-Body Ratio

Smart-K Quad-box Speakers

Surround Stereo Sound

Stylus Pen

Take notes/Journaling/Drawing

3 Modes Reading

Reading Mode
Eye Comfort Mode
Dark Mode


Up to 18 hrs of Daily Use
Up to 360 hrs of Standby

11-inch Ultra-large Full View Screen

Bigger Screen. Bigger Show’s on

Get closer to the action with an 11-inch ultra-large screen and full-view surface that's easy on the eyes, you can lie down, sit, or stand to watch great images and videos without any dead spots, and everything you see is vivid and bright coming to life in front of you.

Tab 16


1080P Widevine L1 Support

Get Immersed in Cinematic Enjoyment

Tab 16 supports Widevine L1, which allows you to watch 1080p Full HD movies and videos on YouTube, Disney+, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video . You'll also hear every detail of Smart-K stereo sound with quad-box speakers immersing you in a stunning audio-visual feast.

Smart-K Quad-box Speakers

Get Ready for an Acoustic Feast.

Smart-K quad-box of Tab 16 deliver symmetrical audio from both sides, for you to indulge in a stronger and more even sound field. Tuned by Awinic, this tablet presents authentic and rich sound details true to the music and your mood.

Multi-Window & Split-screen view

Divide Your Screen. Conquer Your Day.

Get things done all on Tab 16. Take notes, collaborate, and work seamlessly between apps. From online to in-person learning, Tab 16 is designed for all kinds of productivity.

  • Keyboard

    11-inch PC-like Experience with Touchscreen

    Getting things done is much easier with an 11-inch ultra-large touchscreen, and a custom Blackview Keyboard equipped with a large touchpad and intuitive functional keycaps gives you a seamless PC-like experience.

    5 Languages Supported

    *Blackview Keyboard is not included.


Office App Insert

With a preinstalled WPS Office set that includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF, Tab 16 handles documents, spreadsheets, and presentations all in one place, thus significantly improving working and study efficiency.

Free Stylus Pen

Go Ahead, Jot for Joy

Blackview thoughtfully gifts each Tab 16 purchaser a stylus pen that combines a transparent tip design and advanced technology, the pen is great for taking notes, jounaling, and drawing.

3 Reading Modes

Eye-Soothing Comfort

With three kinds of eye protection modes built-in, Tab 16 Certified also by TÜV Rheinland for low blue light can effectively filter harmful blue light to reduce eye fatigue. Plus, Tab 16 reduces eye strain, particularly. Important for young children, allows them to have fun and learn with confidence on the tablet.

  • TÜV Rheinland Low
    Blue Light Certification

  • 3-darkness-level
    Dark Mode

  • Reading Mode

  • Reading Mode

  • Eye Comfort Mode

  • Dark Mode

Bigger is Better
A Screen Everyone Will Love

  • Reading e-Books

    Oversized Kindle but more than that

  • Attending Courses

    Class listening and note-taking at the same time

  • Watching Movies

    Family theatre in the palm

  • Online/In-person Meetings

    Record more with an ultra-large display

  • Document Viewing

    Broader screen to mark up

  • Playing Games

    Immersive gaming experience

  • Working

    11-inch PC-like experience

7680mAh Battery with 18W Fast Charge

Last Longer to Enjoy All day

Tab 16's massive 7680mAh battery allows you to enjoy more than 18 hours of fun, work, and study. And when Tab 16 finally need to recharge, 18W fast-charging gets you back up to speed in a flash, which means more work and play.


Fast Charging

Up to 18 hrs of Daily Use

  • Game

    4 hrs

  • HD Video

    4.5 hrs

  • Web

    6 hrs

  • Music

    18 hrs

  • Calling

    26 hrs

  • Standby

    360 hrs

Enhanced Photography For Fun and Utility

Ready to Shoot in Gorgeous

Google Smart Lens


8MP AI Selfie Camera

Face Detection

13MP AI Cameras

Color Accuracy Upgrade
High-quality Images Upgrade

Face Unlock

Video Taking

2K Resolution

13MP AI Camera

Snap Like a Master

Shoot content with the rear 13MP Sony® camera. Snap and retouch photos, edit videos in 2K, and scan and mark up documents all on Tab 16.

  • Color Accuracy Upgrade

  • High-quality Images Upgrade

Google Smart Lens

Tab 16's camera comes with Google Smart Lens, which includes scanning, recognition, translation, and exploration. Simply turn on the camera and scan what you want to know, camera will respond quickly and solve the problem, bringing great convenience to your daily life.

  • Translate text you see

  • Take action on text

  • Search with your camera

  • Solving homework queries

  • Explore similar-looking items

  • Identify animals, plants, and more

Video Taking

Ultra-wide Screen, Ultra-great Images.

Record videos in ultra-clear 2K screen that captures more of the moments in life you love the most. Impress your friends and followers with likeworthy, ultra-clear images that will elevate your influence on social media.

8MP AI Face Detection Camera

Tab 16 has 8MP front camera with face detection making it very easy to identify people and come into a display’s field of view, and you can quickly find your place.

Face Unlock

Access Granted

The front camera recognizes your face to unlock your tablet, just for you.

  • Online/In-person Courses

    Best way to record classes and take notes

  • Note in Meetings or Lectures

    Capture key points with one tap

  • Videoing Meetings in 2K Full HD

    Clearly record proceedings in 2K high resolution

  • Documents Scanning

    Save time with convenient scanning capabilities

  • Take Photos on Travel

    Never miss unforgettable moments

  • Video Calling

    Get closer to love ones

Speed up Productivity in Higher Efficiency

Smart Preload

Faster Speed


2*A75 with up to 2.0GHz 6*A55 with up to 1.8GHz


Octa-core Unisoc T616

Antutu 260,445

36,982 Scores Higher

8GB RAM + up to 6GB Expansion


RAM Faster

ARM MaliTM-G57

256GB ROM + up to 1TB TF Expansion


Storage Upgrade

Octa-core Unisoc T616

Quick as a Flash

Tab 16 comes with a stable Unisoc octa-core processor running at up to 2.0GHz, ensuring smooth operation and the ultimate multimedia experience to multitask simultaneously whenever you like.

  • 12nm

    FinFET Process

  • 2*A75+6*A55 Cores


  • CPU Frequency

    Up to 2.0GHz

  • AI


  • 17%

    17% Faster & More Responsive

  • 30%

    30% Lower Power Consumption

Data Transfer Upgrade

Tab 16's Performance is further upgraded with the introduction of UFS 2.1 high-speed flash memory interface, making data access more efficient and faster, and loading large files such as videos without waiting a long time.

Antutu Benchmark

  • 223,463


  • 260,445

    Tab 16

36,982 Scores higher than predecessor

With faster performance, fluid gaming experience, smarter AI, Unisoc T616 does it all.

  • Memory

    8GB RAM + 256GB ROM

  • Micro TF

    up to 1TB(1024GB)

  • Expandable Storage

    6GB RAM Expansion

8GB + 6GB Expansion = Up to 14GB RAM

Flow Without Boundaries

Equipped with 8GB RAM, Tab 16 offers 6GB of memory expansion technology which can expand the memory capacity up to 14GB without any cost. In this way, Tab 16 allows you to run more apps without getting stuck.


Faster Start-up

256GB ROM + Up to 1TB (1024GB) TF =1280GB ROM

Room for Everything

With up to 256GB of internal memory, Tab 16 has enough room for all your photos, videos, games, and frequently used apps. Plus, You can get extra storage with a TF card of up to 1TB.


Doubled ROM Space

  • 256GB

    Blackview's Tab 16

  • 128GB


  • 25% Faster Data Transmission Upgrade

  • 38% Less Power Consumption Upgrade

  • 128GB Double ROM Space Upgrade

  • Record memorable images and videos

  • Download streaming videos without storage anxiety

  • Edit video for easy saving

Smart Preload, Speed Up By 15%.

Loading Hassle Killer

DokeOS_P 3.0 with Smart Preload anticipates the application you are about to launch and helps to preload apps before opening without any lag, and Smart Preload increases the average speed of application launch by 15%.

Inspired Your Creativity and Productivity in Extreme Convenient OS Enhancement

Android 12

PC Mode

Data Migration Assistant

Upgraded Notebook

Cold Room

Game Mode

Doke OS_P 3.0

  • Design

  • Convenience

  • Smoothness

Versatile Desktop

Multi-layered Dark Mode

System Manager

Smart Floating Windows

Privacy Control

Doke OS_P 3.0 based on Android 12

Upgrade User Interface in Design, Fluency, Convenience

The new Doke OS_P 3.0 UI system based on Android 12, logically allocates system resources and makes efficient use of memory space. Equipped with a new 8-core processor, and comprehensively improved higher running speeds, you can enjoy a Smoother user experience.

Security-Enhanced Linux on Tab 16

Security-Enhanced Linux is a security policy based on forced access to secure system resources, which was applied by Blackview to Tab 16 systems for the first time, aiming to improve the security of Linux systems and minimize the number of resources accessible to service processes in the system.

Security-Enhanced Linux

  • Kernel-level security process to effectively protect programs from rooting and attacks

  • B1-level military security performance, not easily compromised by vulnerabilities

  • Flexible mandatory access control structure with enhanced level of security protection

  • Reduces the resources accessible to service processes in the system

  • Mitigates disasters caused by malicious attacks or malware

  • Provides a high level of security for information with high confidentiality and integrity requirements

PC Mode

Multifunctional to the Max

Tab 16 takes its versatility to the next level by supporting PC mode which allows you to work with Tab 16 as if on a PC . Open multiple app windows or websites simultaneously in a breeze and make multitasking as easy as possible while not sacrificing touch-screen convenience.

System Manager

  • Free up More Space

    Cleanup frees disk space by removing junk files from rarely-used apps and cleans up the cache on demand for maximum tablet performance optimization

  • Game Speedup

    Optimize game performance with one-tap Clean-up RAM for smooth and lag-free gameplay.

  • Smart Power Saving

    Power saving mode helps to reduce battery drain by reducing unnecessary background activities and disabling some features that contribute to the maintenance of battery life.

  • App Management

    This feature offers complete control over apps. For example, it lets you know what information is authorized to be accessed in the app, as well as which apps are auto-starting and auto-cleanup, so you can make the best decision about whether they should be used or removed.

  • Game Mode

    Never Miss a Fighting

    With an 11-inch 2K screen and 2000*1200 Full HD+ resolution, details are clearly visible. The chipset upgrade makes the game operation smoother and more responsive. Plus, With Tab 16’s own game mode, focus on immersing yourself and never miss every fighting moment.

  • Cold Room

    To prevent rarely-used apps from running covertly in the background, Cold Room temporarily freezes these apps to stop them from consuming more juice and traffic, you can easily unfreeze these apps when need to use, which completely solves troubles from loading lag, and consumption of power and traffic.

  • Data Migration Assistant

    Data Migration Assistant helps you transfer data from an old Blackview or Android smart device to Tab 16 . Simply follow the prompts with a few taps, then after the old device scans the QR code you can start transferring the data you need to Blackview Tab 16.

  • Game Recording

    Tab 16 supports game recording, you can always record the wonderful game moments and a sense of accomplishment moment.

Up-a-notch Privacy Protection

Privacy Control

Owing to Android 12 , Tab 16 steps up privacy protection for users. The Permission manager , delivers better control over app access to your data while the Privacy dashboard clearly informs you of which apps recently used permission so that you have much less risk of a personal data leak.

The Upgraded Notebook

When it’s inappropriate to express your feelings on social media, write down what you think, probably your whimsical thoughts, creative scribble, or to-do lists in the private Notebook.

Versatile Desktop

Doke OS_P 3.0 renders all the magic tricks that amuse you and save your time. You can group apps together, dismiss folders, lock desktop layouts or customize icons with a breeze.

Refined Animation

Doke OS_P 3.0 witnesses faster and smoother animation of screenshots and all types of floating windows. Always be in sync with you without latency.

Multi-layered Dark Mode

Smooth and Delightful

Doke OS_P 3.0 is a breath of fresh air, with its simplified icons and streamlined style, Not only does it look great, but it’s also a breeze to interact with. Its all-new Dark Mode makes for a more comfortable visual experience and longer battery life.

  • Smart Floating Windows

    Swipe Left or Right and Then Hold for Smart Sidebar Customize the Smart Sidebar with often-used apps.

  • Swipe Right for Minus One Screen

    Organize important information all in one space.

  • Swipe Down for Control Panel

    A tap to take screenshots or access the drop-down menu with more ease.

More Highlights to Stand Out

in Connection, Safety, Protection

  • 5G WIFI+wireless 5.0

    Stable and Speedy

    Stay connected with built-in wireless 5.0 and 5G Wi-Fi, Tab 16 helps to deal with faster network connections and web page loading, ensuring safer use as well as minimal power consumption.

    5G WIFI
    Wireless 5.0
  • Dual 4G LTE

    Contact Families Anywhere, Anytime

    Tab 16 has a dual-SIM slot that can always reach out to family and friends by inserting two 4G SIM cards or up to 1TB TF Card, even in environments without WIFI.

  • GPS+Glonass+Galileo+Beidou

    Route Your Safety in Quick Positioning

    Equipped with a high-precision quad navigation system, whether driving, hiking, or riding, Tab 16 thoughtfully provides a better route for that journey to your destination.

  • Free Reinforced Tempered Membrane

    Get Rid of Scratches

    To protect Tab 16 from accidental damage, every buyer is gifted a reinforced tempered membrane , which effectively protects the screen from accidental scratches from keys, knives, or other hard objects during daily use.

  • Free Tablet Cover

    Protect Tablet From Damage

    Blackview offers a free tablet case to protect the tablet in the event of a drop, while Tab 16 can also last longer in the safety of the case.

    60° for Movies/ Office Work
    30° for Surfing/ Chatting
  • Twilight Blue
    Meteorite Gray
    Mint Green
  • Model
    Tab 16
  • Colors
    Meteorite Gray, Twilight Blue, Mint Green
  • Dimension
  • Weight
  • Display
    11-inch 1200*2000 2K FHD+ IPS
    80% Screen-to-body Ratio
  • CPU
    Unisoc T616
  • RAM & ROM
    8GB+256GB, LPDDR4X + EMMC5.1,
    Up to 6GB RAM Expansion
  • SIM Slot
    Dual; 2* SIMs / 1* SIM + 1* TF Card
  • Max TF Card Capacity
  • OS
    Doke OS_P 3.0 Based on Android 12
  • Rear Camera
    13MP Sony® IMX258
  • Front Camera
    8MP Samsung® S5K4H7
  • Battery Capacity
  • Speaker
    1217 4PCS BOX Speakers
  • Wi-Fi
  • Navigation
  • Connectivity
    2G Bands: B2/B3/B5/B8
    3G Bands: B1/B8
    4G Bands: FDD: B1/B3/B7/B8/B20 TDD: B40
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  • Meteorite Gray

  • Mint Green

  • Twilight Blue


Product Tab 16
OS Doke OS_P 3.0 Based on Android 12
Color Meteorite Gray/Twilight Blue/Mint Green
Weight 539g
Dimensions 260.11*164.71*7.95mm


IC FT8205
Panel Type IPS
Screen Size 6.088incell
Screen to Body Ratio (%) 80%
Viewing angle (H/V) Full angle
Glass GAC


WIFI 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth BT 5.0
2G 2/3/5/8
3G B1/B8
4G TDD:B40

If you don't know the frequency your country supports, please click here.


CPU Clock 2*A75@ 2.0GHz, 6*A55@ 1.8GHz
ROM Type EMMC5.1
TF Card Slot YES
Max TF Card Capacity


Front Camera 8MP
Front Camera Sensor S5K4H7
Front Camera Aperture f2.0
Rear Camera 13MP
Rear Camera Sensor IMX258
Rear Camera Aperture F1.8±5%
Rear Flash Yes


Battery Capacity 7680mAh
Max Charging Current 9V2A


Video H.264&H.265 &MPEG4 1080p 60 fps , H.263 16CIF 30 fps,VP8&VP9 1080p 60fps


Motor 1020
Sensors L-sensor G-sensor
Gyroscope NO
Magnetic NO
Air pressure sensor NO
Hall YES
Compass NO
Fingerprint N0
Hotkont NO
Coulomb Counter NO
Wireless Charging NO
Sim-Card Type nano card
Earphones Jack Type NO


User Manual x1
Power Adaptor x1
USB Cable x1

*The actual size and weight of the phone may vary due to different specifications and assembly tolerance.
*The above data were gathered in tests in a lab environment. To avoid phone damage or malfunctioning, please avoid using your phone under extreme conditions.

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