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BV 9300

One-Of-A-Kind Precise Measurement/ Superbright Rugged Lifestyle

Charge for 3 Hours, Last for 76 Days


Enormous Battery

Up to 76-day Standby

33W Fast Charge

50% in 71 mins

40M Laser Rangefinder

Precise and Professional

100LM Flashlight

As Bright As Daylight

32MP Front Camera

Samsung® ISOCELL GD2
Impressive Low Light Photography

Mediatek Helio G99

Up to 2.2GHz
As speedy as 5G Chipset

AnTuTu 353, 283

50MP Rear Camera

Samsung® ISOCELL JN1
True-Chroma Photo Master


Up to 1 cm Ultra-Macro 8MP Rear Camera

ArcSoft® 3.0 Algorithms

Upgraded Super Night

12GB RAM + 9GB Expansion = Up to 21GB RAM

App start-up 25% faster

256GB ROM + Up to 1TB Expandable Storage

2MP Rear Depth Camera

Smart-PA BOX Speaker

Louder Sound

Multifunctional NFC


Dynamic Refresh Rate
Catch up with fast- moving 3D games

2.3K Display

1080*2388 Resolution

MIL-STD-810H & Leading IP68 & IP69K Waterproofness

Glove Mode

Upgraded Sensitivity in Extreme Scenarios

DokeOS 3.1 Based on Android 12

Atomized Memory
More Fluent Multitasking
Low Memory Killer
More Fluent

Fingerprint Sensor & Power Button 2-in-1 Key

Lanyard Hook

Why to Choose BV9300?
  • Fluency Upgrades
  • Camera Upgrades
  • Battery Upgrades
  • Ruggedness Upgrades
  • OS Upgrades
Fluency Upgrades
120Hz-Refresh-Rate Display for Smoother Viewing Pleasure

Thinner & Lighter Incell Display

Multi-touch 10-point


Dynamic Refresh Rate
Catch up with fast-moving 3D games

2.3K Display

1080*2388 Resolution


Touch Sampling Rate


Screen to Body Ratio


Panel type


Aspect Ratio

391 PPI

500 nits

120Hz Dynamic Refresh Rate
Know Your Visual Needs
BV9300 knows exactly the sweet spot of screen-viewing by delivering dynamic 120Hz refresh rate to catch up with your favourite action films for a silky and smooth visual pleasure, while being capable of adjusting the refresh rate intelligently for lower-frame-rate content when you’re reading or browsing to save more power.
Dynamic refresh rate helps to save more power.
Multi-touch with 10-point Support
BV9300 supports up to 10-point-touch, adding to your gaming fun when you are playing games like Fruit Ninja, etc.
6nm Mediatek Helio G99 As Fast As 5G Chipset

12GB RAM + 9GB Expansion = Up to 21GB RAM

App start-up
25% faster

Mediatek Helio G99

2* Cortex-A76 (2.2GHz) +
6* Cortex-A55 (2.0GHz)



more fluency

256GB ROM + Up to 1TB Expandable Storage


AnTuTu 353283 As fast as 5G chipset

Arm Mali- G57 CM2

Atomized Memory


More Fluent Multitasking

Low Memory Killer

More Fluent


Integrated Cooling System

Up to 18°C Temperature Reduction

Cooling Graphite & Copper Foil 7,392mm2 Cooling Silicon 144mm2

  • 2112mm²
    Cooling copper pipes
  • 144mm²
    Cooling silicon
  • 5280mm²
    Cooling graphite
Constant Temperature at


in CPU-intensive Games
6nm Mediatek Helio G99
Your Lifetime Guarantee of Performance
BV9300 carries a 6nm Mediatek Helio G99 chipset that delivers superb performance in CPU-intensive 3D games while still remaining highly power-efficient to extend the battery life. Bolstered by the capable Arm Mali-G57-class GPU and fast UFS-2.1 class storage of 256GB, Mediatek Helio G99 further accelerates data processing and maximizes performance in everyday tasks.
Integrated Cooling System
CPU Temperature Reduction Up to 18°C
Cooling Graphite & Copper Foil 7,392mm² Cooling Silicon 144mm²
Cooling copper pipes
Cooling graphite
Cooling silicon
Constant Temperature at 43.8°C in CPU-intensive Games
MediaTek HyperEngine 2.0 Lite gaming technologies
Resource Management Engine 2.0
Smoother performance in heavy-loading game engines, demanding scenes and intense gameplay.
  • Intelligent and dynamic management of CPU, GPU and memory according to active measurements of power, thermal and gameplay factors.
  • Networking Engine 2.0
    Call & Data Concurrency allows users to defer calls while in-game without the data connection dropping.
12GB RAM + 9GB Expansion=Up to 21GB RAM 256GB ROM + Up to 1TB TF
Enormous RAM & ROM
With 256GB ROM expandable to up to 1TB, BV9300 never lets you confront the dilemma of deleting old digital content to make room for new one. Store as many photos, videos or songs as you please with zero compromise. Up to 21GB RAM turns your RAM-intensive games or multitasking more than effortless and buttery-smooth.
12GB RAM + 9GB Expansion = Up to 20 apps at the same time
256GB ROM + Up to 1TB Expandable Storage
Smart Pre-Loading
By learning your app-opening pattern, BV9300 with smart Pre-Loading is able to foresee which app you are going to launch and helps accelerate your apps start-up by 25%.
Atomized Memory
Atomized Memory is an ultra-fine RAM optimization engine that analyzes the way apps use memory and compresses the RAM each app uses in the smallest process unit to maximize RAM performance at all times for faster app start-up and 17% more fluent multitasking.
Low Memory Killer
Low memory killer (LMK) prioritizes the foreground app by assigning it more memory and CPU computational power while intelligently reducing the processing of unimportant background apps that are using too much memory so that the system runs more smoothly and efficiently during multitasking with 15% more fluency.
Cameras Upgrades

50MP Rear Camera

Samsung® ISOCELL JN1
True-Chroma Photo Master

32MP Front Camera

Samsung® ISOCELL GD2
Impressive Low Light Photography


See the Bigger Picture

Face Fill Light

Never Compromise on Dim Scenarios

Up to 1 cm Ultra-Macro

Spark Your Interest in Tiny World

Underwater Mode

2MP Rear Depth Camera

Improved HDR

More Balanced & Accurate Exposure

ArcSoft® 3.0 Algorithms

360° Panorama Mode

Capture Everything around You in Only One Shot

Beauty Mode

Retain More Facial Attributes

Portrait Mode

More Prominent Subjects

Upgraded Super Night Backed by ArcSoft® 3.0

No Compromise in Night Photography

2K Video

Recording with Beauty Mode
Make Everyone a Vlogger
32MP Selfie Camera
Brighter in Low Light, Sharper in Day Light
Empowered by Samsung® ISOCELL GD2 camera sensor, the 32MP front camera delivers brighter photos of 8MP in low light and more detailed 32MP images in daylight thanks to the Tetrapixel technology. Make your selfie as high-resolution as if they were taken by a rear camera day or night.
  • ISOCELL Plus
    Enhanced pixel performance
  • Tetrapixel
    Remosaic algorithm
  • 3D HDR
    More vivid images and videos even in mixed and challenging lighting environments
  • 25%

    Industry-leading 1/2.8-inch sensor with 25% improved light sensitivity
50MP Rear Camera
True-Chroma Photo Master
The 50MP Samsung® ISOCELL JN1 rear camera in BV9300 leaps a huge step forward with 30% upgrades in image color fidelity, presenting the true color of any subjects you capture with maximum accuracy. What you capture with the 50MP rear camera is precisely what you would see with naked eyes.
  • 8MP Rear Camera
    120°Ultra-wide & Up to 1 cm Ultra-Macro
  • 50MP Rear Camera
  • 2MP Rear Depth Camera
  • Tetrapixel Technology
    Capture details even in the dark
  • Inter-scene HDR
    Perfectly balanced shadows and highlights
  • Double Super PD for Auto Focus
    Capture fast-moving subjects with ease

8MP Rear Camera (120° Ultra-wide & Up to 1 cm Ultra-Macro)

See the Bigger Picture
The 120° Ultra-wide camera is designed for more ambitious photography when you try to tell more stories about the bustling city, historic landmark or stunning natural landscape in only one frame. BV9300 offers a much wider field of view in your photos with less effort made.
Spark Your Interest in Tiny World
Explore a brand new world around you that has been easily ignored! BV9300 delivers a creative perspective to see the tiny world by allowing you to shoot up to 1cm close-up photos of any minuscule objects like mini spiders weaving webs in trees or yellow bees making honey on flowers.
Camera Modes Backed by Advanced ArcSoft® 3.0 Algorithms with 15% Better Photographic Results
  • Improved HDR
  • Portrait Mode
  • Beauty Mode
  • 360° Panorama Mode
  • Super Night


The ArcSoft® 3.0-powered HDR Mode intelligently deals with the overexposure and underexposure areas of an image to deliver photos with perfect and accurate exposure.


The ArcSoft® 3.0-powered Beauty Mode retains more facial attributes of your face while automatically removing all the unwanted wrinkles or eyebags and enhancing complexion to present a perfect shot and a perfect you.


The Portrait Mode backed by ArcSoft® 3.0 algorithms captures photos with pleasingly-blurred background and more prominent subjects, allowing you to stand out from the crowd right at a glance.


How to snap the whole grandeur of wild nature into one frame? Turn on the ArcSoft® 3.0-powered Panorama Mode and capture everything around you in only one shot.

Super Night

The Super Night Mode supported by ArcSoft® 3.0 raises the bar of night photography by delivering night images with vibrant and accurate colors, less noise and true-to-life details.
Other Camera Mode Add-ups
2K Video Recording with Beauty Mode
Video taking is now made as easy and effortless as photo taking because BV9300 supports beauty mode in everyday 2K video recording, making everyone a talented vlogger or Youtuber.
Face Fill Light
Taking a selfie outdoors at night is a complete no-brainer with Face Fill Light. Selfie-friendly BV9300 lets you never compromise on dim scenarios and take pictures of yourself and friends in low-lit environments more easily
Battery Upgrades

Solid-State Battery Dual Electric Cores Safer & More Stable

15,080mAh Enormous Battery

1,824hrs of Standby

33W Fast Charge

5W OTG Reverse Charging Support

Survive extreme cold and heat at down to

-30°C and up to 58°C

Intelligent Charging Protection & Customized Charging Mode

Longer Battery Lifespan

Up to 76-day Standby
15,080mAh Enormous Battery
Months of outdoor exploration into the wild without seeking for a charger has seldom been possible until you meet the Blackview BV9300 with a gargantuan 15080mAh battery that will lengthen your elation and inspiration from Nature for up to 76 days! Plus, binge-watching, live streaming, gaming or calling now can go on for days as you are battery anxiety-free.

*The data is tested by Blackview Laboratory based on continuous use. Battery life depends on the actual usage situation.

  • Game
    15.5 hrs
  • Video
    23.5 hrs
  • Web
    25.5 hrs
  • Calling
    84 hrs
  • Music
    54 hrs
  • Standby
    1,824 hrs
33W Fast Charge
Back in Action Instantly
Put your BV9300 on 33W fast charge when you start your morning routines, and when you are ready to go, BV9300 is too! Only 3 and a half hours are needed to top off this 15,080mAh battery beast to provide you days or even months of uninterrupted adventure.
  • Intelligent Charging Protection
    BV9300 allows you to turn on the Intelligent Charging Protection that helps stop the smartphone from charging if its battery level exceeds 80% during night charging. This protects you against all the possible overcharging-caused risks, ensuring your safety during deep sleep at night.
  • Customized Charging Mode
    Customized Charging Mode automatically stops the smartphone from charging when its battery level reaches the desired level you set.
5W OTG Reverse Charging Support
Serve as a 15,080mAh Power Bank
When your backup smartphones or wireless earphones show low battery alert, but there’s no power outlet, BV9300’s reverse charging comes in handy to lend some juice like a mini portable power station with 15,080mAh battery.
Reverse Charging Compatible Devices
15,080mAh battery= 4x mobiles of regular battery capacity
Blackview BV9300= 5 x outdoor adventure devices

Portable power station

Digital camera

Navigation compass

Wireless speaker

40M Laser Rangefinder/ 100 Lumen Flashlight

15,080mAh = 76-day standby
Discover more haven’t-been-to places and leave your footprint around the world with the 15,080mAh mobile
Europe tours
American tours
Asia tours
Travel for about 172.5km a day in general
Travel for about 8,280km with the 15,080mAh mobile supporting up to 1,824hrs of standby
Aurora appreciation
Rainforest adventure
Arctic expedition
Pan-American Highway tour
Mount Everest climbing
Gobi desert trekking
15,080mAh ≈17hrs of continuous photo shooting
Record memorable moments in the lens with up to 1TB TF expansion, bring your memories to life ≈170K+ Photos
256GB ROM + Up to 1TB TF storage

≈170K+ Photos

≈2.8K+ Short Videos

≈446K+ Songs

≈11.5hrs of continuous video shooting

≈2.8K+ Short Videos

With the 15,080mAh mobile, enjoy the fun that extends up to 54hrs of music play, every travel counts
Running with the 15,080mAh mobile powering up to 54hrs of continuous music listening
Bicycling along the way with the unstopping dulcet melodies that continuously last for up to 54hrs
Offer up to 15.5hrs of continuous heavy gameplay. Power won’t stop before having enough fun in gaming
Go for an interesting mobile livestream that continuously lasts for up to 23hrs
15,080mAh = 54hrs of continuous music playing. Fulfill your journey with the melodious songs
Whenever you’re navigating, the 15,080mAh mobile keeps safe and peace of mind on the road all the time
Sail the sea for fishing with the 15,080mAh phone that provides 575hrs of continuous navigation
Keep stand by with up to 1,824 hour-power to back up a marathon-like outdoor ride
Support up to 84 hrs of continuous calling. Make timely SOS calls whenever an unpredictable mishap occurs
With up to 1,824 hrs of continuous standby, track your member’s location via the video calls for help anytime
If getting lost, 4-in-1 navigation system and compass offering over 575hrs of continuous services will help anytime
15,080mAh = about 575hrs of continuous navigation. Track your route easily whenever unsure about the direction
Ruggedness Upgrades


Laser Rangefinder

100 Lumen


MIL-STD-810H & Leading IP68 & IP69K Waterproofness

Useful Toolkit

Underwater Camera

Gloves Mode



Up-to-40M Laser Rangefinder with 1mm Precision
Point, Click, And Have the Result in Front of You
BV9300 is packed with a highly-accurate laser rangefinder that provides fast and precise distance measurement between two points. Besides, area or volume measurement of any regular objects can all be done in seconds on BV9300 without a notebook or a calculator. No more scrambling up ladders or over steep or wet surfaces or running around the room with measuring tape just for the right distance measurement.
Guide To Use
  • Length Measurement

    1.Decide the two points between which you want to measure the length. (Note: There should be an obstacle of light color on one end to reflect the laser beam.)

    2.Launch Laser Rangefinder App.

    3.Choose between “Measure from the bottom or top of the phone”.

    4.Put the bottom or the top of the phone on one point.

    5.Turn on Laser

    6.Click “Start Measurement”.

    7.Read the length measurement result.

    8.You may copy the result to your clipboard.

  • Area Measurement

    1.Turn on Laser

    2.Click “Start Measurement” to measure the length.Click “Start Measurement” again to measure the width.

    3.Read the area result of the object.

    Volume Measurement

    1.Follow the same steps above to measure the length, width and height of the object.

    2.Read the volume result of the object.

Repair broken doors, windows without spending a penny
Measure distances at construction sites
Make space arrangements by measuring length, width and height
Find a suitable space to pitch a tent
Measure the safe distance before doing extreme sports
Distance measuring for successful hunts
Measure the safe distance to survive a fire
Know the safe distance to survive an earthquake
Learn the height of a cliff in rock climbing
Measure the safe distance before parkour
Know the distance for better escape in an avalanche
Measure the distance between teammates during outdoor adventure
100 Lumen Super-bright Flashlight
As Bright As Daylight
BV9300 eases your everyday life by offering a 100 lumen (LM) torch with beam distance of up to 10m. Whether you’re camping in a remote forest at night or being trapped in an elevator with power outage, a reliable and super-bright light source from BV9300 is your must-have.
Used as a SOS signal light in case of emergency
Used as a fill light for night photography
Find what you are looking for in a dark area
Used as a 100-lumen bulb that lasts for up to 59 hrs
Up to 41-hour continuous use of Flashlight
Avoid danger in night travel
No fear of passing through forest tracks at night
Used as a camping lantern to make travel easier and lighter
Detect dangerous wildlife and people in time
Built to Confront Rough Games Fearlessly
BV9300 inherits all the rugged DNA from its predecessor but with upgraded design and improved materials to survive severe rugged challenges, hard-wearing enough to withstand your impulsive breakages of the phone due to game losses or other deep frustration.
  • Thickened rubber corners for incredible shock resistance.

  • Tightly-fit cap for charging port to resist water from infiltration.

  • Aluminium alloy side frame fixed with screws for reduced risks of falling apart.

  • Double-shot molding TPU & glass fibre for great protection against drops.

MIL-SPEC Upgraded from 810G to 810H
To respond to more challenging journeys into the wild, BV9300 is toughly enhanced to be MIL-STD-810H certified to shield itself against a wide range of indoor, particularly outdoor, accidental drops, falls, shock or even shatter.

Undergone tests that include but are not limited to:

  • Rain

  • Sand and Dust

  • Vibration

  • Shock

  • Acceleration

  • High Temperature

  • Low Temperature

  • Humidity

  • Altitude

  • Immersion

Leading IP68 & IP69K Waterproofness
With 10-year rugged smart device-making experience, Blackview has engineered BV9300 with powerful IP68 & IP69K Waterproofness to thoroughly spare you from worries in wet or dusty scenarios. A hike in a muddy jungle or underwater photography for 30 minutes is gracefully made effortless with Blackview BV9300.
Waterproof for up to 1.5m deep for 30 mins
Underwater Camera
BV9300 never lets water ruin your photographic whims with underwater camera support. Be it a creative snap in the swimming pool or intriguing photo in a placid lake, BV9300 will only multiply your joy in the water.
Upgraded Glove Mode
BV9300 is serious in delivering ultimate productivity and comfort for outdoor workers, including but not limited to fishermen, loggers, welders or soldiers on outdoor missions in frozen winters. Operation on BV9300 with your gloves on, no matter how thick they are, just makes you feel like you have never worn the pair on with fast response and high sensitivity on the screen.
* Ready for thicker gloves
BV9300 is protected by tough CORNING® GORILLA® GLASS 5 to resist accidental drops or falls.
GPS & Glonass & Beidou & Galileo
The 4-in-1 navigation system will direct you all the way to your dream destinations.
Useful Toolkit
A bunch of professional apps help you get the job done faster.
All-new OS Upgrades

Cold Room

Live Wallpaper

Customize Lock-screen Shortcut

New Focus Mode App

New Health App

  • Sports Metrics Monitoring
  • Health Metrics Recording

Customize Your Folders

Data Migration Assistant

  • old device
  • new device

Customized Mode

Game Mode

Highly Customized Doke OS 3.1 Based on Android 12
New Focus Mode App
Smartphones sometimes could be quite a distraction when you just want to concentrate on your work without any interruption from calls, notifications or social media updates. That’s when the Focus Mode comes in handy with five different pre-set modes that enable you to block out all exterior disturbance when it is time to focus.
  • No-play Mode
    No-play mode blocks your access to the apps you choose and prohibits you from receiving any notifications from them during no-play time.
  • Meditation Mode
    Add the apps you want to use to the whitelist during meditation, so you can have full access to them while apps not included in the list will be completely blocked and locked down.
  • Work & Sport & Read Mode
    Customize the duration when you only want to focus on work, sports or reading and add related apps to the whitelist so you can only use those apps during this period of time.
  • Customized Mode
    You are free to create your own focus modes according to your specific concentration needs.
New Health App
  • Sports Metrics Monitoring
    In the Health app, you are allowed to record your exercise metrics including steps, calories, duration or distance of running, walking and cycling.
  • Health Metrics Recording
    Keeping a record of your body health statistics has never been easier. The Health app helps you record your sleep duration, water intake, body weight, blood glucose and blood pressure efficiently, so you can be well informed of your physical condition and body changes everyday.
Highly Personalized OS
Customize Your Folders
Users are allowed to adjust the color of their app folders at will for more convenient classification.
Customize Lock- screen Shortcut
Six options to customize the app shortcut on the bottom left corner on the lock-screen.
  • Do Not Disturb Mode (DND)

  • Magnifier

  • Compass

  • Flashlight

  • Calculator

  • Alarm

More to Explore

Customized Shortcut Button

Smart-PA BOX Speaker

Multifunctional NFC

Fingerprint Sensor & Power Button 2-in-1 Key

Lanyard Hook

Smart-PA BOX Speaker
Your Audio Pleasure Matters
Integrated with a Smart-PA BOX speaker, BV9300 takes your audio enjoyment to the next level with louder sound.
Customized Shortcut Button
Easily programme the custom key to 7 different functions or other favorite apps and access them quickly with only one simple tap.
  • Start Soundrecording Open Flashlight Screenshots Open Underwater Camera Open PTT Open SOS Open Game Mode
  • Multifunctional NFC
    Easier and faster. Support Google pay, public transport ticket purchase, and file sharing with other devices.
  • Fingerprint Sensor & Power Button 2-in-1 Key
    Reach the side button with your finger naturally and quickly start up and unlock the phone seamlessly.
Lanyard Hook
Just hook Blackview BV9300 to your bag and go start your adventure right now, right away with the greatest ease.
Blackview BV9300
  • Model
    Blackview BV9300
    (40M Laser Rangefinder/100 Lumen Flashlight)
  • Color
    Black, Green, Orange
  • Dimension
  • Weight
  • OS
    DokeOS 3.1 Based on Android 12
  • Display
    6.7-inch, 120Hz Dynamic Refresh Rate, 1080*2388 Resolution, CORNING® GORILLA® GLASS 5
  • CPU
    Mediatek Helio G99 (6nm), Octa-core, Up to 2.2GHz
  • RAM & ROM
    12GB RAM & 256GB ROM, LPDDR4X+UFS2.1
  • RAM Expansion
    Up to 9GB
  • Expandable Storage
    Up to 1TB TF
  • Battery 
    15080mAh, 33W Fast Charge
  • Front Camera
    32MP ( Samsung® ISOCELL GD2)
  • Rear Camera
    50MP (Samsung® ISOCELL JN1) 8MP (120° Ultra-wide & Up to 1 cm Ultra-Macro) 2MP Depth
  • Speaker
    Smart-PA BOX Speaker, 1PCS
  • Rugged Rating
    IP68 & IP69K & MIL-STD-810H
  • Navigation
  • Card Slot
    Dual Hybrid SIM Slots
  • Glove Mode
  • NFC
  • Dual 4G VolTE
  • WiFi
    2.4/5G (802.11a/b/g/n/ac)
  • Network Connectivity
    2G Band: GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 (B2/B3/B5/B8) 3G Band: WCDMA: B1/B2/B4/B5/B8 CDMA: BC0/BC1/BC10 4G Band: LTE_FDD: B1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/13/17/18/19/ 20/25/26/28A/28B/30/66 LTE-TDD:B34/38/39/40/41
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  • Black

  • Green

  • Orange


OSDoke-OS 3.1 ( Based on Android 12)
ColorBlack, Orange, Green
WeightFlashlight Version: 516g; Laser Rangefinder Version: 520g


LCD panelBOE
Panel TypeIPS
Display ResolutionFHD+
Screen Size6.6 Inch
Screen Resolution1080*2388 21:9
Screen to Body Ratio (%)81%
Viewing angle (H/V)Full angle
Refresh frequency 60/90/120HZ


WIFI 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth V5.2
3G WCDMA: B1/B2/B4/B5/B8
4G TDD: B34/B38/B39/B40/B41
FDD: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B12/B13/B17/B18/B19/B20/B25/B26/B28a/B28b/B30/B66

If you don't know the frequency your country supports, please click here.


CPUMediaTek Helio G99(MT6789V/CD) 6nm Octa Core
CPU Clock Cortex-A76 @ 2.2GHz*2, Cortex-A55 @ 2.0GHz*6
GPUArm Mali-G57 CM2
ROM TypeUFS2.1
TF Card SlotYES
Max TF Card Capacity1TB


Front Camera 32MP
Front Camera SensorSamsung® S5KGD2SP03-FGX9
Front Camera Aperturef2.45
Rear Camera 50MP main camera
8MP 120°Ultra-wide & Up to 1 cm Ultra-Macro Camera
2MP Depth camera
Rear Camera Sensor Samsung® ISOCELL JN1 + GC08A3-WA1XA + SP0A09
Rear Camera Aperture f1.8/f2.2
Rear Flash Yes
Video 2K 30fps Video Recording with Beauty


Battery Capacity 15080mAh, 33W Fast Charge
Max Charging Current3A

Additional Tool

Flashlight Version 100 lumen (LM) torch with beam distance of up to 10m
Laser Rangefinder VersionUp-to-40M Laser Rangefinder with 1mm Precision


Video mp4\3Gp\3gpp\avi\x-flv…
Audio ogg\aac\imy\amr\x-flac\mp3….


Motor Flat motor
Air pressure sensorYES
Coulomb CounterYES
Wireless ChargingNO
Sim-Card TypeTwo nano card
Earphones Jack TypeTYPE-C


User Manualx1
Power Adaptorx1
USB Cablex1

*The actual size and weight of the phone may vary due to different specifications and assembly tolerance.
*The above data were gathered in tests in a lab environment. To avoid phone damage or malfunctioning, please avoid using your phone under extreme conditions.

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