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Good Outdoor Ruggedized Device

BV6300 Pro - Your Good Outdoor Ruggedized Device

In the phone industry, new products come out faster and faster. But it gets harder to figure out which phone in the market is worthwhile to invest in. Despite their impressive specs and features, some turn out to be a hyperbole in the end. Relatively, Blackview BV6300 Pro promotes no high-end specs at an affordable price, but overall the features really get us excited. Let's wait no minute to check it out.

Blackview BV6300 Pro was just announced last month. With the latest video from Blackview, we have learnt it is an excellent camera rugged outdoor smartphone that lets you take fantastic pictures without needing to be a photography pro. The first thing you'll notice about BV6300 Pro is that it's much slimmer and lighter than most ruggedized phones in the market. Dimension of 159.6*78.2*11.6, weight of 230g, it's very easy to carry. Actually, this phone is the slimmest model ever made from Blackview.


What makes us really excited about Blackview BV6300 Pro are the following features:

1. Feature-rich Camera – The Samsung® 16MP quad rear camera features advanced HDR algorithm, it can highlight the best parts of each photo; 120° ultra-wide camera excels at capturing the beauty of natural landscapes from a greater perspective; super night mode makes bright photos possible in poorly-lit environment; slow motion lets you get that surreal timewarp effect you love. The Sony® 13MP front camera also features smart HDR intelligently relighting your face to get beautiful highlights, more natural-looking contours and skin tones.

2.Rugged Design - It's qualified with industry-leading IP68 & IP69K waterproof rating and military grade MIL-STD-810G certification, withstanding dust, water, extreme temperatures and accidental drops.

3. Affordable price – About 200 usd you'll get a ruggedized outdoor smartphone with MediaTek Helio P70, 6GB RAM, 128GB storage, 4380mAh big battery, In-cell display, Android 10 OS. With specs like that, the overall performance would be impressive.

Here are a few new extra features you'll also find on the Blackview BV6300 Pro if you choose to buy it:

Smarter Blackview's UI

Better outdoor experience

Expandable storage

Other related devices: BV5100(4GB+64GB), BV6600, BV9600E(not coming back), BV6100(not coming back), BV9500 Pro(not coming back), BV9600 Pro(not coming back), etc.

Tough, slim, camera-wise, cost-effective, have you been intrigued by the BV6300 Pro? If there's anything you want to know about the Blackview BV6300 Pro, leave a comment in the comment sections below, or via Blackview social media. The phone is available worldwide through Blackview global store now.

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