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Best diver's companion: Smartwatch for scuba diving within 20 m dive depth

2022-10-07 233 0

With excellent protection ratings against sweat and water, works perfectly fine even in up to 20 m water. It is the best companion of scuba diving lover.

Blackview R1

The TPU soft straps boast wear and sweat-resistance for more cosy wearing, while its drop-resistance aces out most peers within 1.2 m height.

A dive smartwatch looks good, tells you what time of day it is, and can serve as a backup dive timer. For normal scuba diving lovers, there is no need to use the professional and expensive dive computer.

With the large and clear digital display, there is no obstacle to checking the time in the water. Featuring advanced algorithms and improved chipset that promises less energy consumption, the (diving-level) best smartwatch for under $50 is gearing up to catch up with your steps whenever you go.

The vivid display and abundant dials make every second flow with joy. Let your time elapse elegantly as you delightedly glimpse at the high definition 1.47-inch vivid display backed by OGS technology. Up to 98 artistic online dials are ready to brighten up your day. Also, customize the dial as per your liking so that this waterproof fitness tracker can endow ordinary moments with more stunning differences every day.

Doing exercise while having no idea of your sport metric prevents you from scientifically planning your exercise time and finding the most suitable sport for your body. The built-in 24 workout modes satisfy all your basic needs to view your calories, miles and more fitness details, helps you scientifically planning your exercise time.

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Blackview R1

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Don't hesitate to get the best smartwatch for scuba diving in Blackview smartphone online shopping store, right now! It is the best budget Chinese smart watch you can find in the market.

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