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What metal is the best conductor of electricity in a desktop PC?

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Conductor of electricity

A conductor is a material that allows electricity to flow through it easily. In a desktop computer, the power supply unit (PSU) converts the alternating current (AC) power from the wall outlet into direct current (DC) power that the computer components can use. The DC electricity is then conducted through the various components of the computer, such as the motherboard, processor, and graphics card. Without conductors of electricity, a desktop computer would not be able to function.

Some common conductors are metals, such as copper, aluminum, and silver. However, the different metals come with different conductivity, so, what metal is the best conductor of electricity? In this post, we've selected the top 10 metals with the best conductor of electricity, for your reference.

First, silver is the best conductor of electricity. It has a conductivity of 106.4% IACS, which is the International Annealed Copper Standard. This means that silver is 106.4% as conductive as copper, which is the second-best conductor of electricity.

Silver is a good conductor of electricity because it has a single valence electron. This means that each silver atom has one electron that is not bonded to any other atom. These free electrons are able to move freely through the metal, which allows electricity to flow easily.

However, silver is not often used as a conductor of electricity because it is relatively expensive. Copper is more commonly used because it is less expensive and still has a high conductivity.

Here is a list of the top 10 best conductors of electricity:

  • 1. Silver (106.4% IACS)
  • 2. Copper (96.9% IACS)
  • 3. Gold (76.9% IACS)
  • 4. Aluminium (63.5% IACS)
  • 5. Zinc (62.1% IACS)
  • 6. Nickel (60.0% IACS)
  • 7. Tin (59.0% IACS)
  • 8. Cobalt (58.0% IACS)
  • 9. Iron (16.0% IACS)
  • 10. Platinum (14.0% IACS)



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