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In the transportation industry, only rugged mobile devices are up to the task. Especially for long-haul truckers, who may cover 100,000 miles per year over roads of varying smoothness, meaning that devices are exposed to thousands of hours of small vibrations, speed bumps and weather extremes, they need rugged devices that can withstand these regular shocks coming with industry use, keeping them constantly and reliably connected throughout their journeys. Blackview rugged phones are beyond qualified for the job.


Blackview rugged phones are IP68 & IP69K & MIL-STD-810G certified. They shrug off all weathers and can even survive the dust, dirt, vibration, accidental drops, rain and other hazards on the road.


Blackview rugged phones feature big batteries that can last throughout one or more full shifts even with Bluetooth and GPS on and frequent application usage.


It is estimated that delays from congestion on highways, streets, and transit systems throughout the world result in productivity losses annually. Most Blackview rugged phones feature the advanced Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) that offers increased accuracy, efficiency and safety for vehicles using highways, streets, and mass transit systems. Many of the problems related with the routing and dispatch of commercial vehicles is significantly reduced or eliminated with the help of GNSS. This is also true for the management of mass transit systems, road maintenance crews, and emergency vehicles.


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