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ILoud worksites usually involve hazardous chemicals, annoying noise, and heavy equipment. Blackview rugged phones are optimized for loud working conditions to keep workers safe, comfortable and the supply chain running.


Air pollution is a big threat for the health of people who work in manufacturing workplaces. Blackview rugged phones provide a low-cost method for monitoring air quality with built-in air quality sensor, which gives you clear indication and evaluation of the condition of your working environment.


Smooth communication in high noisy manufacturing worksites can be a challenge. You don’t want to let communication problems hold you back from connecting with your family and friends. Some Blackview rugged phones feature noise canceling microphone. It purifies the noise and lets the user focus on the conversation.


The manufacturing worksites are full of heavy equipment and accessories. Common phones are too fragile to withstand the accidental bumps or impact from them. Blackview rugged phones are exceptions. The rugged design is shock proof and drop proof that makes it ideal for use in such rough, demanding workplaces.


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