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Tab 9 WiFi

Play In Style. Study In Power. Work In Ease.

Only 512g & 9.1mm

Pleasure for Your Eyes,
Bliss for Your Grip

Sleek, slim, and light as air at 512g and 9.1mm, its exquisite design and featherlight build redefine the way you think of a tablet, making it the perfect partner whether you are working in the cafe or unwinding on the couch.

Feather-light at
Paper-Thin at

Your Color, Your Style

Ink Grey
Frost Blue
Blush Pink

Why Choose Blackview Tab 9 WiFi?










Display Upgrades

Let the Larger Screen Show!

11-inch Vast Display

Clear and Crisp, Go for a Stunning View

Feast your eyes with an expansive 11-inch full-view display. Its lifelike colors, razor-sharp contrast, and generous viewing angles bring every scene to life, immersing you completely in the enthralling storylines of games and films.

Tab 9 WiFi


Screen Size
Bigger ↑
Screen Size
11 Inches! Larger! That's A
Delight for Binge-Watcher!

Widevine L1 Support

High-Definition Movie Nights? Any Night!

Whether you're a die-hard movie enthusiast or someone who loves indulging in back-to-back episodes, you can always catch up on the latest series on Netflix, Youtube, Disney+, or Amazon Prime Video in glorious 1080P resolution with Tab 9 WiFi authorized with Widevine L1 certification.

Smart-K Dual Box Speakers

Sound That Puts You Right There

Let the sound speak for itself with crisp treble and booming bass. The dual-box speakers of Blackview Tab 9 WiFi are fine-tuned to extract as much detail as possible, making you feel like you're right in the movie theater, concert halls, and game arenas.

11 Inches! Larger! That’s A
Surprise for a Workaholic!

PC Mode with Touchscreen Capability

Touchscreen Fun, PC Productivity

With just one click, PC Mode instantly transforms your Blackview Tab 9 WiFi into a PC-like interface. When used in conjunction with a wireless keyboard and mouse, your efficiency will be significantly improved, from swiping through websites to typing documents.

*Wireless Keyboard and Mouse are not included.

Multi-window & Split-Screen View

Split Your Screen, Double Your Productivity

Instead of jumping between apps, you can get more done in one screen to search while editing, conference while researching, or multitask in any other way that suits your needs.

WPS Suite

Your All-in-one
Office Suite

Productivity is always at your fingertips with the bundled WPS Office suite. Tab 9 WiFi makes sure you can effortlessly create, edit, and collaborate on Word, Spreadsheets, PowerPoint, and PDFs in one place.

11 Inches! Larger! That’s Also A
Treat for a Bookworm!

Eye Comfort Modes

Day or Night, Easy on Your Eyes

Be it reading comic books on a cozy couch or watching videos while curled up in bed, the display of Tab 9 WiFi provides effective protection for your eyesight by precisely adapting to any lighting environment according to your needs.

Reading Mode Night Light Mode Dark Mode

Bigger. To Be More Enjoyable.

Wait In the Wings to Be More Efficient.

Kindle-like e-book reading

Online education

Remote conferencing

8200mAh Battery with 10W Fast Charge

Power More, Charge Less

The 8200mAh battery within the Tab 9 WiFi can power up to 37 hours of calling. Power anxiety is a thing of the past, whether you're working on vital assignments during a business trip or enjoying extended journeys with your beloved TV shows.

Up to 37 hrs of Calling

*The data are tested by Blackview Laboratory based on continuous use. Battery life depends on the actual usage situation.


Photography Upgrades

Let the Versatile Photography Shine!

8 MP Front

Capture, Connect, Collaborate, Do it All.

Blackview Tab 9 WiFi, with its 8 MP front camera, can be your perfect ally for snapping beautiful selfies, enjoying crisp video chats with friends, and seamlessly joining productive online meetings with colleagues.

Video calls with friends

Epic selfies

Online conferences with colleagues

Face Unlock

Unlock your Tab 9 WiFi effortlessly with just a glance—no more fumbling for passwords.

13MP Rear Camera

Frame Every Moment in Stunning Detail

It's a breeze to take high-quality pictures with Tab 9 WiFi's 13MP rear camera, be it grabbing class notes or snapping joyful group photos with your buddies. Additionally, it truly shines by delivering crystal-clear videos with all the details perfectly preserved.

Google Lens

Explore the World with Ease

Google Lens on Tab 9 WiFi allows you to scan anything of interest in your surroundings—translating words, taking snapshots of assignments for assistance, pointing at buildings for detailed information, and more.

Translate the
text you see

Capture the homework
for help

Point at the building
for details

1080P Video Taking

Every Motion Retained Clear

Record every cherished moment in your life in 1080P Full HD. Whether it's a special milestone, a precious family gathering, or an unforgettable adventure, Tab 9 WiFi relives every moment with breathtaking clarity.

1080P V-log
at hand

Crisp and clear writing
on the blackboard

Grand vista
on the go


Efficiency Upgrades

Let the Powerful Performance Soar!
Let the Fluency Flow!

Octa-core UNISOC T606

Next-Gen Power to Handle All Tasks

It's time to unlock a whole new level of performance in your hands with Tab 9 WiFi's octa-core UNISOC T606 CPU. Be it handling multiple apps, streaming demanding content, or diving into CPU-intensive games, it effortlessly maintains its pace, all while preserving power for extended usage.

Antutu Benchmark


6GB RAM+ up to 12GB Expansion=Up to 18GB RAM

Lag-Free Multitasking All the Time

Say goodbye to sluggish performance while you're immersed in video streaming, gaming marathons, or web browsing, all thanks to the 18GB of RAM on the Tab 9 WiFi. Now you can effortlessly handle multiple tasks without a hitch.

256GB ROM + Up to 1TB TF Support

All can Be Stored in Your Fingertips

The 256GB of internal storage on Tab 9 WiFi is large enough to store all of your valuable videos, photos, games, and apps. Also, it can be expanded by up to 1TB using a TF card, enabling you to keep more and delete less.

256GB ROM+1TB TF Expansion

≈277K+ Photos

≈33K+ Short Videos

≈500K+ Songs

Dual-band WiFi 5

Stay Connected, Stay Ahead

Tab 9 WiFi with built-in dual-band WiFi 5 ensures more stable connectivity with wider coverage and better signal penetration. Enjoy the top speed of file downloading and uploading, game playing, movie streaming, and fluid conference.


Convenience Upgrades

Bring Convenience to Your Everyday Life
Make Every Task Easier!

DokeOS_P 4.0 Based on the latest Android 14

Upgrades In Convenience

EasyShare App

Share your files, videos, pictures, or songs effortlessly between devices without network or Bluetooth needed– faster and more private than ever.

Note: EasyShare works when Wi-Fi is on, while there is no need for the network.

Screen Attention

Sick of your screen going off during online meetings or presentations? Simply tap to enable Screen Attention, and your screen stays on as long as you're looking at it!

Real-time Subtitle

Never miss a word with our real-time subtitle feature. Transform spoken language into written text on the fly, ensuring every conversation is accessible and inclusive.

*Realtime subtitles are available for English language only.

Upgrades in Fluency

Focus Computing

Blackview Tab 9 WiFi gives you two choices for CPU power. Pick Performance Mode for maximum fluency, or go with Battery Saver Mode for power efficiency.


F2FS boosts Blackview Tab 9 WiFi for speed and durability, making it 25% quicker to launch apps.

25% Faster App Start-up↑

Smart Pre-Loading

Intelligently preloading resources depending on users' most frequently used programs upon startup to achieve speedier application launch times.

App startup speed 7% ↑

Upgrades in Privacy

Workspace App

Create a private zone for your work life. Log in with two different accounts in one app, keeping your business data secure from personal apps.

Privacy in Life↑

Keep work and personal life apart.

Privacy in Data↑

Set up lock for workspace apps.

Cleared Clipboard History

Take charge of your privacy. Choose to clear or keep sensitive information from your clipboard history—it's in your control.

Set Privacy Boundaries

Any app can only access the information required to perform its functions. If there is additional access beyond the necessities, separate authorization is required from users.

Upgrades in Personalization

Full Set of Personal Theme

Customize your icons, control panel, lock screen interface, or more with the colors you prefer to make your personal space more unified in style.

Larger Folders for Efficiency

Group your apps into larger folders for quick and hassle-free access. Enhance efficiency with a single glance instead of opening each folder.

Other Highlights

Protective Case and Reinforced Tempered Membrane

Guard your Tab 9 WiFi from unexpected drops, bumps, and scratches.

* Protective case and reinforced tempered membrane are included.

Blackview Tab 9 WiFi
Tab 9 WiFi
Ink Grey, Frost Blue, Blush Pink
246.8*161.75*9.1 MM
11-inch 1200*1920 FHD IPS
83% Screen-to-Body Ratio
Unisoc Tiger T606; octa-core
6GB RAM+Up to 12GB Expansion DDR4X 256GB+Up to 1TB Expansion UFS2.1
SIM Slot
1* TF Card
Max TF Card Capacity
DokeOS_P 4.0 Based on Android 14
Rear Camera
13MP (Samsung®)
Front Camera
Battery Capacity
8200mAh; 10W Fast Charge
1217* 2PCS; Smart-K Box Speakers
IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • Ink Gray

  • Frost Blue

  • Blush Pink

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