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Ignite Hyper-Speed 5G
Dual-screen Rugged Lifestyle

Enjoy All-new 50 MP Dual-Screen Selfies,
Capture Every Shot Freely

Innovative. Luxury. Redefined.

Featuring a one-of-a-kind dual-screen layout and an opulent leather-textured back, BL9000 transcends simple aesthetics, representing a masterful blend of luxury and innovation in design.

Why Choose Blackview BL9000?

Innovative Dual-screen Lifestyle
Super-fast Speed & Mega Storage
Revolutionary Dual-screen 50MP Selfie
Top-tier Durability & Ruggedness
Seamless Operations
Innovative Dual-screen Lifestyle
Dual-Screen & 120Hz 2.4K Display & Harman AudioEFX®

Revolutionary Secondary Display

Convenience at a Glance

Access convenience and save energy with BL9000's secondary screen, making it easy to use key functions and ensuring a smarter, more streamlined user experience.

Crystal-clear Visualized Selfies
with 50 MP Samsung® Rear Camera

Take clearer and faster selfies with 50MP main camera, all while keeping an eye on yourself.

Personalize Just for You

Tailor Unique Watch Dial

Share your daily mood with custom watch faces, signatures, and backgrounds.

Multiple Distinct Mechanical Watch Faces

Every Day,A New Face

Personalize BL9000 with Multiple distinct watch faces on the secondary display. Enjoy matching the display to your style for a fun, customized touch in your daily use.

Even More Convenience at
Your Fingertips

Quick Time Check

Easily visible time for swift checking.

Rapid Compass Access

Easy-to-access compass for immediate direction guidance.

Play/Pause/Skip Tracks

Rapidly adjust music playback for a personalized audio journey.

Check Battery Level

Intuitively displayed battery level for easy monitoring.

Rapid Peek at Workout Data

Quick peek at your Health app for fitness stats.

Accept/Decline Calls

Manage calls without revealing private details.

Notifications & Alerts

Receive notifications on a smaller screen, preserving your privacy.

Quick Access to Weather Updates

Figure out current condition and swiftly make decisions accordingly

Secondary Display

Enduring Power for Critical Moments

Maximize your readiness in emergencies with BL9000's power-efficient secondary display. Stay connected longer , even in challenging situations, ensuring vital communication when it counts.

30% Low Power Consumption

Extended Outdoor Connectivity

Stay connected longer, with minimal power use

Efficient Information Glance

Quick updates at a fraction of the power

Reliable Adventure Companion

Your guide stays on longer, using less energy

Sustained Communication Line

Keep in touch without draining your battery

6.78-inch 2.4K FHD+ Display

Cinematic Magic. as Natural as Breathing

Immerse yourself in breathtaking visuals with 6.78-inch 2.4K FHD+ screen, providing vivid colors and sharp details for your browsing, gaming, or entertainment needs.


120Hz Smart Dynamic Refresh Rate

Where Every Pixel Flows Perfectly

Activate smart dynamic 120Hz refresh rate of BL9000 for power-efficient task handling. It saves power during reading, then springs to life when you watch a blockbuster movie, offering impressive, uninterrupted visuals.


TÜV SÜD Low Blue
Light Certified

The Gateway to Eye-Relaxing

Improve your screen experience with BL9000's TÜV SÜD Low Blue Light and three eye-care modes,reducing eye strain and fatigue during late-night work or extended movie sessions.

Three Reading mode

Reading Mode

Night Light

Dark Mode

Dual Harman Kardon Smart-PA Speakers
Sound By Harman AudioEFX®

Tune into Timeless, Feel the Beat

Dive into superior surround audio with Harman AudioEFX®, delivering unrivaled clarity and depth to music, movies, and games, transforming each listening session into an exceptional sonic journey.

Hear the HARMAN Magic

Smart Mode

Automatically adjusts to ambient sounds, enhancing your audio experience in every environment.

Music Mode

Immerse yourself in deep, resonant bass and the intricate details of each musical note and lyric.

Movie Mode

Creates a virtual surround sound environment, placing you in the heart of the action.

Games Mode

Widens the soundscape and sharpens audio details, drawing you further into your gaming adventures.

Voices Mode

Clarifies and amplifies voices, making conversations feel as intimate as face-to-face interactions.

Super-fast Speed & Mega Storage
5G Hyper-speed & 512GB ROM &120W Charging

Octa-core 5G MediaTek Dimensity 8020

Fast, Fierce, Flawless

Enjoy fluid and fast performance with Blackview BL9000, equipped with TSMC's 6nm octa-core processor up to 2.6GHz, delivering smoothness in both everyday apps and demanding games.

4 Super Cores

ARM Cortex-A78 up to 2.6GHz

4 Efficient Cores

ARM Cortex-A55 up to 2.0GHz

6nm TSMC

Flagship Process

9-Core GPU

Arm Mali-G77

AnTuTu 835066

Highest Score Ever

512GB ROM Supported by Flash UFS 3.1

Gear up! New Chapter of Super Storage and Speed

Gear up for a new chapter of super storage! The 512GB ROM of BL9000 lets you store more photos , videos, and apps without worrying about space constraints. Say goodbye to deleting files!

12GB RAM + 12GB Expansion =Up to 24GB RAM

The End of Slowdowns and Delays!

Supercharge your efficiency with BL9000's up to 24GB RAM (1:1 RAM Expansion Tech) , ensuring smooth multitasking and quick handling of complex tasks without any lag.

Support for up to 49 Background Apps

MediaTek HyperEngine Lite Gaming Tech

Get lost in the world of intense gaming, intricate scenes, and resource-demanding game engines, all while enjoying remarkably fluid performance

X-axis Linear Motor

Immerse yourself in a unique gaming experience with advanced X-axis linear motor , delivering extraordinary haptic feedback.

Atomized Memory 2.0

Efficiency Unleashed

BL9000's Atomized Memory 2.0 intelligently manages RAM, enhancing performance and creating up to 5-9% additional capacity for other tasks or multiple background apps.

5%-9% More RAM Available

Smart Pre-Loading

Start Faster, Stay Ahead

Designed to anticipate your app preferences, BL9000's intelligent Pre-Loading enhances startup speeds by 23%

Start-up Speed

Dual Band WiFi 6

Game. Stream. Connect,Makes it Flawless

Boost your digital life with BL9000's WiFi 6, delivering stronger, faster connections for quick downloads, superior gaming, fluid streaming, and flawless video conferencing.

8800mAh Mega Battery

Fueling Your Adventures from Dawn till Dusk

Enrich your adventures with 8800mAh mega battery, providing long-lasting performance for all your endeavors, from outdoor exploration to daily tasks, without the hassle of frequent recharging.

9.5 hrs
11 hrs
20 hrs
31 hrs
37 hrs
576 hrs

Greet the Day Fully Charged in Minutes

Overnight charging is a thing of the past. With the BL9000's 120W super-fast charging , you can completely recharge your phone in just a quick morning break.

Integrated Cooling System

Ice Down, Speed Up

Maximize your gaming performance with the 3D copper pipe liquid cooling technology . Its cutting-edge design efficiently dissipates heat, ensuring sustained high-speed functionality and longer device life.


Cooling Graphite & Copper Foil


Cooling Copper Pipe


Cooling Silicon


Continuous 1-Hour Average Frame Rate


Comfortable Grip Temperature

Revolutionary Dual-screen 50MP Selfie
50 MP OIS Anti-shake Rear & 50 MP Selfie Cameras
Backed by ArcSoft® 8.0

Superior Clarity Image System

Record your creative thoughts with steadfast clarity, in every scenario.


Selfie Camera


Ultra-wide &
Ultra-macro Camera


Samsung® ISOCELL GN5
OIS Anti-shake Camera

Selfies New Way
Beyond Clear. Beyond Beautiful. Beyond Freedom

50 MP True-Color
Selfie Camera

Be Vivid, Be True, Be You

Capture your moments in true vibrancy with 50MP high-definition True-Color selfie camera, ensuring each self-portrait reflects the authentic you with vivid clarity and lifelike colors.

50 MP

Samsung® ISOCELL GN5
Rear Camera

Capture Every Detail, Miss Nothing

Capture stunning clarity with BL9000's 50 MP Samsung® camera, revealing sharp details in dense urban landscapes or intricate rock textures, with high-definition that stays clear even when zoomed in.

Crisper Visuals


BL9000: 1/1.57 inch 62.4

Snap selfies with 50 MP Rear Camera

Dual Display, Dazzling Selfies

Take advantage of the secondary screen and 50 MP Samsung® GN5 rear camera for crisp, high-quality selfies, offering real-time feedback for sharper, more liberating beauty.

True-Chroma Image 2.0

What You See is What You Get

Capture nature's true hues with True-Chroma Image 2.0 , offering precise outdoor color accuracy and detail. Ideal for enthusiasts and creators, BL9000 simplifies editing, making every outdoor adventure visually striking and authentic.

OIS Anti-shake

Ready, Steady, Action

Capture every moment with clarity using OIS Anti-shake, ensuring smooth shots from moving cars or during fast-paced action. No more shaky hands blurring your photos and videos.

4K Video Recording with Beauty Mode

Crisp, Clear, Cinematic

Bring your memories to life in vivid 4K main and front-facing cameras. Perfect for vloggers and selfie lovers, every frame is captured with crystal-clear detail, turning moments into cinematic masterpieces.

13 MP Rear Camera
(120° Ultra-wide & Up to 2 cm Ultra-Macro)

Ultra-wide for Ultimate Vistas

Capture the grandeur of sprawling natural vistas or iconic cityscapes with 120° Ultra-wide rear camera, ideal for immersing fully in the scene and preserving every awe-inspiring detail.

Bringing Nature's Tiniest
Marvels to Light

Capture the grandeur of sprawling natural vistas or iconic cityscapes with 120° Ultra-wide rear camera, ideal for immersing fully in the scene and preserving every awe-inspiring detail.

Camera Mode Powered by All-new ArcSoft® 8.0 Algorithm

18% Better Photography↑

Improved HDR 2.0

Producing photos with vibrant details, authentic colors, and stunning clarity.

Super Night 2.0

Reveal the Night's Splendor with crisp, true-color images in even the dim conditions.

Panorama Mode 2.0

Effortlessly seize the entire landscape in a blink.

Beauty Mode

You always look your most radiant in every capture.

Portrait Mode

Highlighting you with unparalleled clarity and artistic flair.

More to Adore


Complete command over camera settings for a fully tailored creative experience.


Evoking deep nostalgia and emotion.

Underwater Camera

Confidently take BL9000 on any adventure; its underwater camera lets you snap stunning shots in pools or lakes, offering the liberty to discover and record every moment.

* Supports underwater photography up to 1.5m.

Top-tier Durability & Ruggedness
1.2-Meter Drop-proof MIL-SPEC 810H & 1.5-Meter Waterproof IP68+ IP69K
& Corning® Gorilla® Glass 7(Victus®)

Ready to Conquer the Toughest Games

Uplift your rugged lifestyle with Blackview BL9000, purpose-built for exceptional durability , which fearlessly withstands water, shocks, and impacts, catering to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Reinforced rubber corners improve shock resistance and grip comfort.

Secure port covers block water, dust, and debris.

A sturdy one-piece design minimizes loosening or cracking, prolonging device life.

Aluminum alloy frame reinforced with screws to minimize disassembly risks.

Top-tier MIL-SPEC 810H

No Challenge Too Tough

Upgraded to the top-tier MIL-STD-810H standards, Blackview BL9000 delivers unmatched resilience against water, dust, and impacts. It's a reliable companion for facing any challenge in even the harshest environments with confidence. Withstand Thousands of Rigorous Tests

Drop-proof up to 1.2m high

Leading IP68 & IP69K Waterproofness

Operate in Extreme Temperatures

Unyielding in Any Climate

Whether you are in the freezing Arctic or the scorching desert, from -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to 140°F) , Blackview BL9000 is tailored for conquering any adventure and providing assurance in the toughest environments.

Tougher Corning® Gorilla® Glass 7(Victus®)

Built to Defy Drops and Scratches

Featuring Tougher Corning® Gorilla® Glass 7(Victus®) for superior protection against drops and scratches, BL9000 is fully prepared to handle accidental impacts without a hitch.

Drop Height Resistance

Gorilla® Glass Victus®


Gorilla® Glass 5

Scratch Resistance

orilla® Glass Victus®


Gorilla® Glass 5

Glove Mode 2.0

Stay Connected, Stay Cozy

Carefully crafted for sensitivity and comfort, glove mode lets you operate BL9000 in cold conditions without taking off your gloves, guaranteeing swift and precise screen interactions.


Useful Toolkit

Enhance productivity with professional apps.

Customized Shortcut Button

Increase efficiency by customizing BL9000's key programming to your liking

Start Soundrecording

Open Flashlight


Open Underwater Camera

Open PTT

Open sos

Open Game Mode

Seamless Operations
All-new DokeOS 4.0 Based on Android 13
Discover More to Love

Multifunctional NFC

Access a multitude of features with NFC, enabling your phone to act as a replacement for bank cards, transit cards, access cards, and a variety of other cards.

Dual SIM Slot

Embrace Dual SIM Slot for seamless connectivity and endless possibilities. Effortlessly manage two numbers, work, play, and stay globally connected with lightning-fast 5G.

International Coverage


Navigate effortlessly with the help of 4-in-1 navigation system, ensuring you find the most suitable routes for your driving, hiking, or biking trips to your destination.


Dual-frequency GPS

≤10 Meters

↑More accurate positioning

Blackview BL9000
Blackview BL9000
Splendid Gold, Interstellar Black
DokeOS 4.0 Based on Android 13
Main Display
6.78-inch 2.4K FHD+, 1080*2460 Resolution
Corning® Gorilla® Glass 7(Victus®)
120Hz Refresh Rate
Back Display
1.32-inch, 360*360 Resolution
60Hz Refresh Rate
MediaTek Dimensity 8020 (6nm), Octa-core, Up to 2.6GHz
RAM Expansion
Up to 12GB
8800mAh, 120W Super-fast Charge
Front Camera
50MP(SK Hynix 5022Q)
Rear Camera
50MP (Samsung® ISOCELL GN5)
13MP (120° Ultra-wide & up to 2cm Ultra-macro)
Dual Harman Kardon Smart-PA Speakers, Sound By Harman AudioEFX®
Rugged Rating
IP68 & IP69K & MIL-STD-810H
Card Slot
Dual Hybrid SIM Slots
Glove Mode
Dual 5G VolTE
WiFi 6, 2.4/5GHz (802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax)
Network Connectivity

2G Band:
GSM: 850/900/1800/1900
3G Band:
WCDMA: B1/B2/B4/B5/B8
4G Band:
LTE_FDD: B1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/13/17/
5G Band:N1/3/5/7/8/20/28/

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