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About blackview

Who we are

Blackview is a thriving technology brand that originally specialized in rugged outdoor phones to support rugged lifestyles and survive tough and challenging environmyents. After years of development, the product category has taken in mainstream phones, smartwatches, earphones, tablets, and laptop.

Blackview has an 8,500 square-meter factory based in China. With high emphasis on quality and experience, Blackview imposes strict examination on each procedure from design to production. All Blackview products are subject to strict standards and high-quality testing processes to ensure that every user has a great user experience.

With the annual sales volume reaching a steady growth of at least 20% in recent years, Blackview's customers are all over 80 countries and regions including Russia, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Ukraine, France, Italy, Turkey, Algeria, Colombia, South Africa, etc. Blackview has more than 100 authorized agents in over 80 countries and regions. Blackview products are available on various leading e-commerce platforms including Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Cdiscount, as well as the official Blackview website.

Blackview Profile

  • 300+


  • 60+


  • 25+

    products in portfolio

  • $3.5 million

    R&D investment in 2019

  • 6000m²

    factory area

  • 1500m²

    headquarters area

Blackview Vision

To make products that work superbly, use the very state-of-the-art tech and offer the most friendly price. Let everyone enjoy the beauty of technology anytime and anywhere.

Blackview Mission

  • Offer premium products and services for consumers.

  • Create harmonious working environment with mutual respect for employees, as well as opportunities to realize their dreams.

  • Supply partners with collaboration platform based on reciprocity, equity and fairness.

  • Be a distinguished representative of oversea Chinese private enterprises.

Blackview DNA

  • Enjoy
  • intelligent
  • Smart
  • Innovation
  • Life

Product development

Be The Epic

Tab 16
It's 11-inch Tablet, and 11-inch PC.Bigger than Bigger

W10 Smart Watch
Talk Through Time

Explore Everything Beyond

Born For Extreme Eye Protection

Small body. Giant power.

Affordability Meets Style.

Tab6 Kids
The Safest Educational Tablet for Kids

Redefine the Clarity Photography

Blackview's first laptop, light, tough, with premium sound. AirBuds 5 Pro

Blackview's flagship phone ever from the A series, autofocus as fast as 0.03 s.

BL6000 Pro
The world's first 5G rugged phone.

BV9900 Pro
The world's fastest thermal rugged phone.

BV9800 Pro
Blackview's first thermal imaging phone that lets you “see heat”.

BV9700 Pro
A rugged phone that incorporates a bunch of health functions.

BV5800 Pro
Global first rugged phone that supports wireless charging.

P10000 Pro
Global first smartphone with a massive 11000mAh battery for ultra-extended battery life.

BV9000 Pro
Global first rugged phone with an 18:9 full screen.

BV8000 Pro
Global first high-end rugged phone that supports full Netcom.

Entered the top best-sellers. Set a solid foundation in the rugged phone industry.

Blackview's first rugged outdoor phone.

We're still evolving to create more and better phones!

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