Congratulations to BLACKVIEW for New Spokersperson in Phillippines

Congratulations for the successful Contract Signing event happened March 26, 2015 at Yanagi resturant, Midas Hotel...

The event was led by Blackview Philippines CEO Mr.Charlie Shi and Mr. Renato Chan our Senior Operation Manager together with Mr.David Xu, Blackview Hong Kong CEO who supported for promoting Blackview in the Philippines.

Alex Gonzaga used to be the spokesperson of Mcdonald's and Ford Motor, etc. And this news was broadcasted by the No.1 TV station in the Philippines, ABS TV station.

And now we are proudly Announced to you that Ms.Alex Gonzaga is now Officially New Endorser of Blackview SmartPhone in the Philippines. We are very thankful for having Ms.Alex Gonzaga as a part of our Family.