Look Out Cambodia! BLACKVIEW to Open Flagship Store on Mony Vong Avenue

Excited store associates celebrate the soft opening of Blackview flagship store as they prepare to welcome customers in Phnom Penh soon later.

The sparkling Christmas lights along the Mony Vong Avenue in Phnom Penh City were the perfect backdrop for the soft opening of Blackview flagship store.

After the preparation for over months, the Blackview Flagship Store finally gets the decoration project done before the Christmas Day in 2014.

It is announced that this flagship store is not only for retail, but combined with three important functions which are Brand Authorization, Marketing and Service Centre in Cambodia.

In Cambodia, nobody has no idea about CTN & HM TV station. Blackview, the young brand comes from Hong Kong filmed its own brand advertisement and sponsored two of the most popular TV shows which broadcast in the golden time slot everyday!

Follow the global marketing strategy; it is simply to see that Blackview will be the most famous store there. Every cab driver, every Cambodian, every visitor knows where to find Blackview. This will be the marvelous place where to get a Smartphone for Everyone.

At last, we wish you Merry Christmas to all Blackview fans!