BLACKVIEW Brand - Cambodia Water Festival Dragon Boat Race

Local time on November 6, 2014, phnom penh, Cambodia local during the water festival held on the tonle SAP river dragon boat competition. Nearly all the nations from the local people to join in the three-day holiday. This year will be the first time since 2010, hundreds of people die in a stampede to hold this activity. Cambodia "water festival" dragon boat racing Tonle SAP tens of thousands of ships barge crossing.

Each pair of dragon boat competition this year, must take turns in channel match twice a day, for the 1700 metres, from the starting point of phnom penh port, the destination point to the front of the palace, he says, because of the dragon boat with good training, so the game went well, judging committee also USES GPS to determine a speed of a dragon boat.

Mr Since cilicia introduces the prizes of the dragon boat, in a group for 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. Among them, the first day of the winning group, will be included in the 3 groups; Win 2 days of dragon boat, will be included in the 2 groups; All 3 days dragon boat, will be included in the group such as 1; 3 TianQuan defeated the team, will be included in the 4 groups. In addition, the jury awarded the dragon design aesthetics and sailors clothing color is beautiful. Blackview brand fleet Mahair and Thi das en cher had placed in the game, Blackview relaxedly with blue and white color, such as, water lotus in the dragon boat race, pleasing.

Preparation and watching people to the Banks of the river. Events held, Blackview brand activities center on the other side also is hundreds and thousands of people around.

Blackview brand plays a beautiful chapter in Cambodia, international brand route more walk more good!