A Brand New Smartphone Ultra from BLACKVIEW Made Its Debut

Recently, there are a lot of high-level posted smartphones which have attracted my attention. While, the most up-to-date good news is that I’ve got a smartphone named as Blackview (brand name), and Ultra (model name). Its crafted stylish appearance & powerful hardware inside forced me can’t wait to share my user experience with you all!

As it’s known to all, Quad core smartphones have become the tendency for most manufacturers. And it is not an exception to Ultra here. So, if you want to know more details about Blackview Ultra, just follow me now.


From the appearance, when I held it in hand and touched it, this smartphone just gave me the first impression - Ultra Simple yet Stylish. It feels quite comfortable when you touched the back cover by which you can navigate this device.

4.7 Inch 1280*720 Pixel HD IPS with 5 Points Touch Screen

The classic logo of Blackview shows the good idea that technology brings to your happy life. Also, you can see the simple design like Blackview Ultra, as the real pictures I took. Blackview Ultra has 4.7 inch HD IPS screen with 1280*720 Pixel resolution, which made this smartphone easily captured HD video, photograghs and more.

Well, there’s an additional interesting function of Ultra, that is you can control the sound volume with two-finger sliding on screen, while three-finger sliding for screen-shot.

Back Screen Navigation

Besides, Back Screen Navigation caught my attention at one glance. It just took one hand while activating programs, which was not only cool but also quite freely and useful when the size of your phone is bigger than your hand’s.

Thus, this high-technique smartphone screen did make me felt really enjoyed it.

5M & 13M Pix Quality Camera

It’s said that Ultra did a great job in photographing since 5M & 13M Pix Quality cameras set in it. Watching the pictures above I took by this smartphone, it made me wondering whether Blackview was too ambitious to aim on kicking hardly on those who claimed their devices can take amazing high definition pictures. Well, fact speaks out louder than words, isn’t it?

MTK6582M Quad Core 1.3GHz

In the meanwhile, I was not the person who just interested in the appearance of a phone, yet I desire more on the powerful hardware set inside. Well, when I played those demanding 3D games, the Quad Core 1.3GHz set in Ultra really shocked me and gave me a thorough new definition of FASTER!


The only less satisfied point of Ultra I have to say was the memory. I really want to suggest upgrade it to 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM if possible. But this smartphone has only 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM for me, I should have to buy an external TF card to expand the storage in order to store more files especially HD videos.

Support Dual-SIM-Dual-Standby with Quick Charge Technology

Blackview Ultra has made great progress in manufacturing innovative smartphones. With no doubt, they surprised us again with the new model Ultra.

This brand new smartphone supports Dual-SIM-Dual-Standby, which means you can use a SIM Card with 2G GSM network while the other with 3G WCDMA network, this feature easily help those people who’d like to separate their life from work, just like me. Simultaneously, having a powerful new smartphone is only fun if it will work all day long, no matter what you do with it. Dual-Standby will be essential for those who always need to handle plentiful work with cellphones, browsing web longer, watching more videos and listening to more music between charges. Of course, if without the Quick Charge Technology, I would say Ultra was lack of perfect. According to the charging time with this Ultra smartphone in my hand, it did an outstanding work in saving charging time.

GPS & Google Play Store

In addition, Ultra supports GPS function, helping you guide the way more directly. And Google Play Store also has been installed in the device which let you’re able to access more than 70,000 apps freely. For people who’d like to install various kinds of Apps in their mobile phones, Ultra will do a great favor for them.


With Multi-language Capability in Ultra, language barrier would be the last thing I will worry about. Blackview updated Ultra’s language capability over 40 kinds. I think people from major countries in the world can easily set up the device to their mother tongues, which is really considerate.

Smart Gesture

In my opinion, Smart Gesture is going to be a new trend for stylish smartphones, making user feel more fun and convenience. I believe that you will be couldn’t agree with me more when you play with this new function of Ultra in your hand.

In conclusion, I consider Ultra will be a new favorite welcomed by the world smartphone market, since with all the top technique above, Ultra’s manufacturer Blackview company still offer the market a great price.