Don't miss the 26% off sale of the amazing camera phone, Blackview BV6300 Pro

With so many different handsets boasting decked-out phone cameras, it's hard to know what the real best is. For the average people, the best camera phone is undoubtedly the one that lets you take fantastic pictures without needing to be a photography pro. For them, Blackview BV6300 Pro is the solid choice.

Watch BV6300 Pro video:

The high number of pixels and the processing software are both critical for a satisfactory photography result. On the BV6300 Pro, you can see the excellence of the both. Based on the Samsung® 16MP quad rear camera, we made a lot of effort to optimize the camera operating system to enrich the camera features, as well as improving the photography experience. As a result, you can experience slow motion, HDR, 120° ultra-wide field of view, macro, night mode from the phone alone.

In the case of HDR on the BV6300 Pro, it does all the work for you—just snap your picture and it'll highlight the best parts of each photo, sparing you the hassle of post-possessing work. In every image, it finesses highlight and shadow detail in the background. So every part of your photo looks amazing. When you take a selfie, it captures more natural-looking contours and skin tones.

If you want to inspire more creativity from the BV6300 Pro's camera, just tap the Slow Motion button to slow everything down, creating a surreal timewarp effect. It's a pro technique that's really interesting to experiment with.

When you're in the broad natural landscape, the 120° ultra-wide angle lens lets you capture the beauty from a wider perspective. In tight spaces, Ultra Wide is like taking a step back to capture more of your surroundings but you're actually standing still. Tap the Macro function, you can have fun to explore the microworld. And the Night mode enables you to take bright photos even in a dimly lit room or moonlit beaches.

All these great camera functions included in the pocket-sized device. With thickness of only 11.6mm, weight of 230g, the BV6300 Pro is very portable. In this regard, it outpaces a bulky DSLR greatly.

Apart from the feature-rich camera, the BV6300 Pro is very tough to withstand the unexpected. The industry-leading waterproofness - IP68 & IP69K rating - copes with rain, water immersion and wet conditions. The MIL-STD-810G certification means it can endure bump, shocks and drops without worry.

When it comes to the multi-tasking capability, the BV6300 Pro is an absolute performance beast. It's powered by MediaTek Helio P70 octa-core processor, with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage.

Priced at $269.99, the BV6300 Pro has a limited-time sale (from July 13 to July 15 PST) on AliExpress when you can snap up one at only $199.99. Overall, this device has many strengths over the photography devices. It's tougher and waterproof compared with good camera-focused phones from more famous brands. And it's more lightweight and portable than a DSLR. Don't miss it.