Blackview 618 Sale unveils two upcoming phones

June 18 is the annual 618 Midyear Shopping Festival for AliExpress e-commerce website when you can expect lots of brands to offer huge sales on the platform for that day. In particular, Chinese leading rugged phone maker, Blackview, stands out in the offerings. From the page that they released on June 2 on the website, the surprise is huge.

Watch the intro video

In this page, Blackview unveiled two upcoming products, rugged phone Blackview BV6300 Pro and standard phone Blackview A80. Both of them ready to hit the shelves on June 15 (the first day of Blackview 618 Sale) with huge open-sale discounts. The former offers a 31% off discount, priced at only $199.99, while the latter offers a even bigger discount, 40% off, at only $59.99, limited to 2000 units. When the 2000 units are out of stock, the price will be increased a bit to $65.99, still offering a 34% off discount. If you want to buy a good rugged phone, and are not ready for the extra bulky weight, the BV6300 Pro would be your ideal choice thanks to its slim design. The A80 is for those who want to get good photography result over the phone and have a limited budget.

Besides, there's even more great deals on several old models from Blackview. Up to 55% off. And you can save more by snapping up their US $90 off coupons (Can be used when the order is of US $300 or more). This will be your great opportunity to snap up one of their flagship devices like , Blackview BV9900 Pro, Blackview BV9800 Pro The quantity of coupons is limited, 556. It will be available for snapping up at 00:00 AM on 10th June.

A live streaming video is another intriguing session in this Sale. If you want to have responsive FAQs about this Sale, don't miss it. It will take place from 00:00 AM to 03:00 AM on 15th June PST when you can also expect some durability tests for their rugged phones.

Can't wait till the sale? You can join the Giveaway now to win one of their new products, a BV6300 Pro or an A80.