Track problems to their source with Blackview BV9900 Pro thermal rugged phone

All facilities are subject to thermal loss, moisture intrusion, and operation failure. Do you have the right tool to inspect these problems at the right price?

Blackview's BV9900 Pro rugged smartphone gives you the power to find invisible problems within seconds. With an integrated FLIR® Lepton® thermal sensor and FLIR MSX® capable of measuring temperatures up to 450℃, this phone helps you target the source of the problem quickly and easily.

Simple to use and detect problems

Whether it's a pipe leak, electrical short, or ventilation insufficiency, the BV9900 Pro can show you where to begin repairs by creating pictures of problems without costing you time to do cumbersome and hazardous dismantling work. Those pictures are worth a thousand words and require no guesswork. For the average facility inspector, these is a great asset to show your customers exactly what the issues are, and prove that you've fixed them.

Non-contact, safer than traditional inspection tools

Since thermal imaging is a non-contact diagnostic method, you can use BV9900 Pro to quickly scan a particular piece of equipment from a safe distance, ideal for finding equipment failure that could pose a safety issue or is difficult to reach.

Ideal for commercial use to increase efficiency

By downloading the free FLIR Tools app, the user can quickly import, edit, and analyze images, and turn them into professional PDF inspection reports. Since the BV9900 Pro is also a powerful phone, this enables you to immediately email reports of problems to clients or decision-makers, increasing productivity and reducing downtime.

The BV9900 Pro is much more than a troubleshooting tool, it is an industry leading smartphone with features that include:

* Rugged design with IP68, IP69K and MIL-STD-810G ratings

* Powered by MediaTek Helio P90 processor

* Sony® 48MP ultra-clear camera

* IceMode - Basic phone functions available even at -30℃

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