Blackview BV9800 & BV9800 Pro Hits on Kickstarter on Oct.18 (Huge Giveaway)

Some say rugged phones and good cameras don't mix. Those people, apparently, haven’t seen Blackview BV9800 Pro rugged outdoor smartphone.

BV9800 Pro is an outstanding rugged smartphone that is equipped with three top-notch cameras: a thermal camera for detecting heat and forming the thermal image, a Sony® 48MP camera for capturing stunning moments, as well as a thermal image assisted camera.

BV9800 Pro is created for serious adventurers. Owning a BV9800 Pro is to invite mystery, thrill and safety to your journey. In terms of the first killer feature -- thermal camera, perhaps unfamiliar with many people, it’s actually useful and sometimes proved to be a survival tool. Based on its function of detecting heat, it helps you increase your situational awareness and safety.

For example, when camping out alone, you can use it to detect wild animals around so you can take protective measures before they approach and attack you.

Particularly for wildlife photographers, owning a thermal camera is sure to ease your work. Many animals are naturally camouflaged and very hard to see with the naked eye, even when they’re in plain sight. Wildlife photographers can use the thermal-camera capability of the BV9800 Pro to spot an animal’s heat (unless hidden by foliage or behind terrain).

It even works in the dark. With the exact position of the animal known, you can change the lens to the Sony® 48MP camera to capture photos of animals in their natural environments.

Sony® 48MP rear camera is the second killer feature of BV9800 Pro. Among many low-pixel rugged phones, BV9800 Pro is unique and superior. It’s able to capture great details even on close-up shots. With nightshot mode, it even tracks low-light and night time photography effortlessly. It presents incredible images in every setting even when daylight fades and night draws in.

BV9800 Pro is one of the best reliable devices you can bring along in an adventure. It weighs about 322g, which makes it easy to carry with you anywhere you go. For people who desire to embark on an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous journey, and especially like to take photos, BV9800 Pro is the best choice. It is definitely one of the best camera rugged phones you can buy soon.

Blackview is running a huge giveaway on its official website to recruit 10 testers to help with testing devices and give feedback to engineers. Everyone can have a chance to become a trial user and just need to complete specific steps and be a little bit lucky. Blackview BV9800 & BV9800 Pro will land on Kickstarter on Oct.18.

You can join the huge giveaway and learn more details about the crowdfunding here: