Blackview Best Black Friday Promo Deals on Amazon

The annual Black Friday is about to begin. Do you want to buy something for yourself or for your family to spend this winter? If you are looking for a smartphone, Blackview has a surprise price for you on the world's largest online shopping platform - Amazon, so let’s have a look at some of the best deals!

Let's start with, discount for BV9500 just €263.99 on Black Friday, original price is €329.99. There are a lot of other smartphones that are greatly discounted during the event. For example, P10000Pro has an original price of €259.99, discount price is € 207.99.

Next, the BV7000 at a discounted price of 120.99 euros. The current price of the BV6000S is 116.96 euros, 23% lower than the original price of 149.99 euros, the original price of the BV8000 Pro is 279.99 dollars, the discount is 25%; the current price is 209.99 euros. Other discount models are: BV4000 Pro, BV6000, BV9000, etc.

Finally Amazon. de BV9000 has an original price of 289.99€ and 21% discount; the current price is 231.99€. BV8000Pro, current price is 223.99€. Other discounted models are: P10000Pro, BV7000Pro, BV7000, BV6000, BV6000S, BV4000Pro and so on.