Blackview A7 Pro and Xiaomi Redmi 4X which one is worth buying?

At present, High-cost effective still account for the main mobile phone market, such as made a high sale volume record-- Redmi 4X. 

But now, Blackview A7 Pro is an upgraded version of the summer sales king A7, which is a new cost-effective machine in all directions. If you have to choose one, then it should be the depth of the contrast! Want to know their differences, please watch the following video:


From the parameter comparison point of view, the main difference between the processor, screen size, camera specifications , storage space, other appearance parameters and the price of several aspects, the following we look at the details.

(1)  First we get a scroll through apps, then they run some games, the A7 Pro looks more responsive.

(2)  Camera has become the necessary competition between the machine conditions, which show from the comparison video, Redmi 4X color warm tone, A7 Pro partial green tone, but it is worth mentioning that, A7 Pro with the popular dual cameras.

(3)  Appearance : A7 Pro and Redmi 4X have the same size of the screen. But overall, A7 Pro's design is beautiful - longer and more narrow, it's more comfortable to hold in your hand! On the other hand, A7 Pro screen is 2.5D design, Redmi 4X is 2D design, and Xiaomi Redmi 4X is not anti-fingerprint on the back.

Through comprehensive comparison, I believe you look is the same data. But the most surprising is - A7 Pro is half price of Redmi 4X, ultra-low price of A7 Pro is a good choice!